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X – Justice- Path between Hod and Netzach

Path : Hod-Netzach
Element : Air
Color : yellow/green/blue
Planet: Mercury
Number: 10
Other titles: Athena, Maat, Themis
Keywords: rationality, justice, analysis, realism, severity, intellect, objective mind
Traditional path: Chesed-Netzach


This card it is said to be ruled by Libra, a pure air sign with no influences from other elements but in the same time the conventional path is between Chesed and Netzach. This is one of the things that do not make any sense. In my point of view this card should stay between Hot and Netzach and I will explain why.

A woman like figure with a sword in one hand and scales in another, often blindfolded stands as a symbol of this card.”Justice is blind” it is said, but what we call ”justice” in the Occult sphere might have a different meaning from what the commoners understand. Synonyms for ”justice” are also ”fairness”,”equity”,”righteousness”, all of them, having a deeper meaning in our context. It is ”right” and ”fair” for the ”Justice” card to stand and unite the two pillars, to be the first path that unites the two pillars and it stands with a detached,cool look of the Air signs between Mercury and Venus spheres, it unites them through sword and justice never carying about one or the other are saying or doing and in the same time mixing them together in an incredible rainbow of experiences,emotions and skills. In astrology when those two planets come together-”these people very cheerful, happy and artistic in nature. Both represent art, skills, music, and romance. These two planets amplify each others energy. They make brilliant romantic authors, musicians, actors, and writers. Since Mercury is business and management skills, and Venus is creativity, this conjunction shows someone who can be a successful businessman.” ( No wonder that so many artists depicted the pair Venus and Mercury together and one fabulous example is Corregio’s Venus,Mercury Cupid painting.

The gifft of ”Justice” is the ability to experience life through many prisms,it shows an incredible amount of flexibility, it also links to the totem of the ”fox” in the animal realm, being many and one. We are used to see ”Justice” having only one aspect but when you tap into its meaning it is revealed it’s many faces and masks.

Article by Kirke

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