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Words, names and the world

I know that everyone likes to be covered into a nice golden shell and then show it to the others. I also know that we would do anything for that shell rather than for us. We were all born into a certain family, some doctors some lawyers, and some thieves or beggars and then according to what we gain during the first years or/and the next , life goes on, one way or another, without even knowing that it is our power to change everything. We see a rose and we assume we know everything about it and what it is used for, same, we see a cat and think that we could pet it and in the same manner we know that you are a doctor and you must be a Russian and the guy over there is a Christian. What about you? Oh, I know…you must be a Magickian, I can see it in your eyes, in your clothes and the way you talk to people.

I’ve noticed that several years ago when I was working on some sigils…it just came to me out of nowhere. Why do WE need to define things? Why do we need names, definitions, sigils in our work? Why do we need to define ourselves, titles and so on? Have you ever tried to work with an entity without calling its name? Just feel its energy, grab it and will come to you 10 times stronger and more important will come in its real self. That way you don’t need the hundreds of names for a Dark Goddess or dozens of arachnidic sigils and names for a Sitra Ahra Queen but all will come into their true form. In the moment when you lock an entity into a sigil you ”paint” only a part of its attributes and powers, and you will have it the way one culture sees it (Egyptian, Sumerian,Jewish etc) and uses it for its own purpose.

In the same way, why do you need words to define your true self? Why do you need to call yourself Adam or Eve, why do you need to call yourself according to your political views or music that you listen. In the moment when you attach yourself to one word, the word will take your Self and create a new Ego covered in another words, and more words, building an entire network with all of the others that do the same as you. I see it so many times, on the street, at work, on the forums-one word for one thing and thousands of people defending that word, all of them forgetting about themselves.

Stay for one second and think’ ‘I am ME…and feel that huge energy coming out of your core…ME…”.Not a doctor, not a reporter, not a LHPer, not a Caucasian…NO…I am ME.¬† I know, is far more easier to define ourselves, we are social beings after all and we need approval in anything that we do and think, even if we all die alone. We feel protected , and covered by others like us, we feel that defending the word, we defend ourselves…forgetting that words were invented by us. Sad…

Try for one day to stop naming yourself, stop defining yourself but when someone asks then feel who you are, same when you think of yourself do not use definitions but feel the core. You might find new things about you and about the others and moreover you might get out of the trap that this realm is doing to us for aeons (a trap that we like I must admit). I also know that many here will defend their beloved shell¬† and pretend that their titles give them power then condemn me, but I know who I am- the question is do YOU know who you are for sure? The answer won’t come from the words, from the definitions and from your Ego but you must look deep into yourself, and not only once… the Ego has so many masks and faces as you might get lost in the desert. A method that is used by some wizards in Eastern Europe is to break the social names and live as many faces as you can, that way you could grab your true self. Go to another country, live there, work then move, be someone else, a different job, new adventures…in a nutshell LIVE!!! A shell will trap you only if you are a passive person attached of one place, one woman and one word…the more we change the more the shell will broke…

Article by Kirke

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