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Without Limit

What is more forbidden to man to by every doctrine and socially enforced by our peers, than to be without limit. In the much neglected area of study of the “negative veils of existence,” the ain soph means: without limit which is often reinterpreted as infinity which has entirely different implications. Only a few men ever really grasp in time before they commit to their own self mutilated emasculation of power, realize the essential nature in their own ascent, of becoming without limit.

The Enochian arch fiend Choronzon is an accurate reflection of the dweller on the threshold of our own subconscious. Choronzon is the Guardian of the Gate of the Abyss. The only way to get past him is not to have any attachment to any of your cluster of identifiers in your own mind.  It is clear that this is also the only way to function without limit. This state of being is referred to as the Kalichara by E.A. Koetting in one of his youtube videos. He also mentions getting past the various erroneous ideologies and religions that over complicate what life is and seeing it as an opportunity.

I do not write articles as often anymore because most of the time there is not a lot to write about.  But I find the efforts of one dedicated Teacher/ Liberator to be news worthy.

One Eric Archaelus Koetting has braved the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (and Internet trolls) to liberate mankind from the deliberate obfuscation of information and outright charlatans. No more misinformation to confuse the uninitiated, no more open door for charlatans to capitalize on that confusion.  It is the end of superstition and error. So man can stand on solid information and command his own destiny.

Many people in the marketplace say, oh but it cost money. We are not talking about the price of eggs and while we reside in this world we all need money and if you spend all your time and energy liberating other people, that leaves less time and energy to focus on just money. But it is an old argument.  Once upon a time: “practical spiritual knowledge” was valued by the people and the community cared for, all the wise mans’ physical needs. Once upon a time the student had to leave his community and go to the country and residence of the teacher. Now we have the internet and the instant gratification culture.

So here is what E.A. Koetting is doing with the internet. Through facebook he answers questions, for free. On youtube he answers questions and presents teaching material, including full seminars, for free. Through free email sign up he sends out detailed weekly newsletters.  What he has done to make his complete works available to everyone is to put them in an ebook format and charge 99.00 U.S.D. for the download. He sells books and products on the Become a Living God website that he has gone into production to create. Video courses are not the same as just making a conversational youtube video. He has taken his hard won knowledge, distilled it into instructional videos and the value of which, is definitely, priceless.

I am not selling anything with this article, I am telling you that if you seek information for your self liberation to command your own destiny and become without limit: there is only one teacher actually doing this. Only one.

Every other teacher or magickal school seems to be limiting you with cliquish rules, philosophies and superstitious restrictions. Now of course each of the seeming limited ones have valid occult teachings, nevertheless obfuscated to confuse the uninitiated so they can piece meal information one bit at a time to keep you on the hook.

The Alpha Omega Lodge of the Golden Dawn has invited E.A. Koetting to come and give lectures and perform public rituals at their upcoming April event in the Mojave Dessert. This is going to be awesome. Many L.H.P. enthusiasts may be taken aback by this but as Nate Bales says, Koetting is ambidextrous. He is without limit and out in the open about everything. I am delighted by the level of honesty and frankness that Eric has displayed in his answers on his facebook page. What Eric brings to the table is the key to unleash your vast and unlimited personal potential. I think that is worth looking into, don’t you?  After all, what is more forbidden, than the art of becoming, without limit?

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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