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VII.The Chariot-The path between Tiphareth and Yesod

Other titles:Victory,Centurion,Thor,Ra,Ares,Krishna
Keywords:conquest,willpower,success, wealth,pride,bravery, energy,victory
Traditional path:Netzach-Yesod

The Chariot  is the perfect symbol for the solar/fiery energy impregnating the lunar/feminine one. Traditionally this card stands on the Yesod-Netzach path as a passive/feminine type of symbol.
I will show here that not only it is a solar image but also a deep representation for male-female unity. In almost all the decks the chariot has a central figure that rushes two (or more than two) animal images(horses,cats,roosters,sphinxes,bulls,goats etc) so in a nutshell is an action, motion type of image which cannot be from a feminine Moon-Venus domain¬† but only and only a Solar and fiery/male one. Where is that illustrious man that looks like a king/pharaoh (from Tiphareth) running?It always looks like it’s going on a downwards path just like the sun rays rush to the cold earth and in our case it goes from Tiphareth, the Sun to the Moon Yesod. Sun is fire and the Moon is water and this figure could symbolize the fire of water, that enigma of life, the impulse that rushes the begging of a new life, that second of an inception of creation. This is the deep meaning of this card, a beautiful and breathtaking image of a new embryo no matter that it is a human, a bird or even a new universe…

(Sine Requie Anno XIII)

Article by Kirke

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