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Venger Satanis – Cthulhu Cult (Lulu, 2007)

Ichorous Icarus

In our world of jaded intellect where every word and idea that can be crafted together in every possible combination has been done at least twice and poisoned with the taint of apologetic political correctness to the point where all has been lost in a sea of chaos and confusion, The Cthulhu Cult emerges, haunting and familiar. There, Venger Satanus goes strangely falling into the depths and flying into the face of the sun of the day-side consciousness without apology and with an arsenal of philosophical and scientific methods devised by himself.

These methods he devised from his own study of many diverse and innovative fountainheads of occult and philosophical knowledge. Some of the influences he mentions are Ouspensky, Crowley and Hunter S. Thomson. He names many more, and gives them all due credit; not exactly the sign of a megalomaniac.

Those of us who may have read every word ever written by Lovecraft and read every published Necronomicon and watched every movie even loosely based on Lovecraft’s work will indeed feel right at home reading this tome. But this book is not a horror novel; it is the Bible of the Cults of Cthulhu. Unbelievable; and Venger Satanis is the High Priest and savior of the world, though not in the typical way; rather than it being an egocentric sort of set-up where we’re blissfully ignorant and he fights forces the world can’t even conceive of, he instead gives us knowledge of what we’re dealing with and how to deal with it, and as any LHP sorcerer worth their grimoire knows, knowledge is power. In a bizarre twist, this book is nothing like I expected it to be.  It is essentially a simple and logical approach to waking up, while fully engaging all of the components of the self through certain psychological techniques embedded in his writing style; whether he meant to do that or not, breaching certain taboos is a known way to release pent up energy from the psyche. Once the breach opens up a flow, it creates an irresistible connection.

No other alleged ‘Tome of the Cthulhu’ mythos has the dizzying non Euclidian arrangement of science and psychology with the pure madness of that which lies beneath day-side reality. He presents the dark gods both modern and old in a mathematically viable paradigm; I know because my brother is the mathematician and we have spent many hours discussing the multidimensional nature of reality and what we experience as the gods, though that was well before this tome was published. Venger explains in layman terms how subjective perception and multidimensionality works. He is indeed inspired; he includes a tantalizing array of useful tools including the mysterious Angles and what they are used for. Nice.

The Cthulhu Cult is an instruction manual, but though many may read it, few will implement it.  In accordance with his repeated references to the Matrix, most people are not invested in waking up. They don’t want to. But for those who do; remember to work hard, and when the floor drops out beneath you to the yawning abyss, remember that you are a fledgling god, spawn of the old gods.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Review by Firestorm Coraxo

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