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V. The Hierophant – Path between Yesod and Netzach

Colour: usually-red, citrine, olive green,black, grey
Planet: Venus
Letter: Vau(nail)
Nomber: Key 5
Otehr titles: The Pope, Pontifex, High Priest, Teacher, Jupiter, Bacchus, Odin, Prophet, Shaman.
Keywords: religious dogma, teacher for the masses, tradition, obsessive rituals, materialism, institutional figure.


(The Hierophant-Haindl Tarot deck)

In most of the decks The Hierophant sits either up between Mercy and Wisdom or according to Fra.Achad between Splendor and Victory. I do not agree with neither of them and I will bring arguments to my statement in this article. Again you are free to disagree with me and feedback, as I could be completely wrong. This is just my opinion and I do not claim any kind of divine or sinister inspiration on it.
The Hierophant has Taurus as sign, a very Earthly,sensitive and feminine one, where the Moon is exalted. Now, Moon is a water sign and Taurus an earthy one, the combination between them is a fertile one, highly important to both Venus and Moon. To many of us ”the bull” may seem a bit odd for something that defines fertility and with it womanhood and most of the decks will show a male figure but if we go back to the ancient times and we get in touch with our ancestral aenima then we realize that not only this is not a male archetype but also a very strong feminine one, going back to the female priestesses and the fertility cult. The Bull symbolizes fertility and going back to life with the spring time. Taurus could be taken as a symbol of all the Moon phases and the fertility cycle. We remember the Egyptian symbol of the Bull with two horns and the crescent moon or all the ancient rites that involved bull or bull worshiping. All of them were depicting the vitality of life.

Article by : Kirke

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