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To Know…

When I was in fifth grade and I was asked on a test whether a Text Book is fact or fiction: I got the answer wrong according to the control system.¬† The problem was that I was already aware of ‚Äúspin.‚Ä̬† I knew that the facts presented in text books were manipulated according the personal bias of the authors.¬† Knowledge is power but only when it is based in awareness, or you can mistaken your social programming for knowledge.

That being said there is so much to know, which is why they say that: ‚ÄúThe more you learn, the more you know, that you don‚Äôt know.‚Ä̬† The situation is confounded even more by the individual subjective¬† nature of perception.¬† So that even side by side an event that we witness would still manifest a ration of divergence in out idea of what exactly happened.

Detectives consider a crime that occurred a year ago, to be nearly impossible to solve.  Yet historians and anthropologists have pieced together what happened a millennium ago, and even farther back.

An enlightened age is characterized by a open exchange of ideas because any one person cannot know everything.  A dark age is characterized by a control of information, supported by the erroneous idea that one persons opinion should be worshiped and slavishly followed.

The thing that makes our age so awesome is the chaos that allows for ideas to be shared and expounded upon.  Every writer is a person and as such cannot know everything.  They can only present what they know and if you find a technical discrepancy it is ideal to share that with the author.  But to use  that information to attack an author, that is absurd.  Ooops he missed something.  Well I suppose in a god eat god world, it is permitted.  Although it is bad form to not open a dialogue with the author, but to try to publicly humiliate him instead.  Research is an infinite process and so is learning and growing.

Knowledge is power and what you do with knowledge is up to you.  Remember what you choose do with it, says something about you.

The most important kind of knowledge to posses is self awareness which cascades into epiphanies and a better understanding of others and the universe itself.  Which is why it is so important to break free from the social programming.  To know your self begins by focusing on your self and not others.  The herd mentality says that is selfish.  You have to be self-ish or you will never become aware and only surface knowledge will be available to you.

To know, is the first step; it means to discover your True Will.
To dare, is to dare to act on that knowledge.
To will, is to overcome the immanent resistance nessicary for initiation.
To be silent, is to listen to your True Will and spend your energy wisely.  Allow the knowledge to take root and grow.

Knowledge is power, you can use it to blow yourself up or to become a god.  It is your call…

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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