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To buffer or not to buffer…

If someone were to ask you if you want to experience life directly or buffer it through a filter that protects you from being bothered by accountability and other inconveniences; of course you would think they were being absurd. Of course you want to have a direct experience, life is for living.  A nice neat religion/ philosophy prepackaged and sold to you, is that buffer. You think you can not live without it. After all what an inconvenience to have to think about every decision every day.  Your choice  depends on what you want. What do you want? Most people think of this question in an object oriented way and not quality of life. Any idea, philosophy or religion that does not improve your quality of life, is a  waste of time. By quality I do not mean a life unchallenged or the path of least resistance. By meeting challenges limits are challenges and horizons of possibility are expanded. Falling into a niche and not being challenged is the end of possibility. To give up thinking for yourself, to be told what to think, is the end.

Really the whole idea behind religion is finding neat and simple reasons for the state of existence.  The bottom line is we are here and have the liberty to think for ourselves and the mind to do it. But do you have the will? Truly, it can be exhausting and annoying. Especially if you are a leader of any kind. George Washington was frustrated when the early Americans initially wanted to elect him as King. Aleister Crowley repeated tried to communicate a simple liberating concept and was continually unsatisfied with the result. It seems throughout history only a few people seek knowledge, power and freedom. Everyone else seems to want to be told what to think and lean on a neat prepackaged concept to guide their every action.

You can be theistic or agnostic or a-thiestic and still think for yourself.  The idea I am presenting is not to tell you what you think, but to remind you to use ideas as tools and continue to evaluate and see what you think. I know that people want to be free but they are so confounded by all of the chaos outside of the neat prepackaged concept. It is not an easy task and we live in a world where if you have a real emotion they have a pill to suppress it. So many individual minds have been categorized and medicated for thinking in a different way. We essentially have come to the advent of thought control on a massive scale. The pharmaceutical companies are making tons of money on it and it makes it easier for the government to get away with whatever they want. This is Brave New World, we are there. It is a citizens duty to take his happy pill.

I enjoy thinking for myself, even when it costs me; because the one price that I will never pay, is the loss of my liberty. Now that is just me, not you. You can pay whatever you want. But remember that nothing is free, you pay one way or another and you struggle one way or another. Might as well struggle for your freedom and quality of life. Might as well rise up and become.  Because step one in becoming is freeing your mind. Free your mind and the rest will follow.
Or choose a buffer and invest all of your time and energy in someone else idea.

Now I know most students are indeed struggling to free themselves and as a tool a system/ philosophy can be the blade to cut through your bonds. But remember that you wield that blade.  That it is your tool to take up at that time to free yourself and then dare to arise and come forth. The tool does not define you, you do. Dare to explore your own potential. Dare to see beyond the system once it has served it’s purpose. It may always be your favorite after that but you are so much more.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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