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To be silent…

There is a passage in The Book of Thomas from the Nag Hammadi Library that talks about the student vomiting the teachings before they are properly digested. There are no magickal secrets. The truth has always been hidden in plain sight. Scattered in places here and there, but it is all there. Over and over we see the over-complication of simple concepts and the over-simplification of deeper ideas. It is up to the student to persevere and sort it out for himself. Nevertheless there are core concepts that are core to our being and function of energies. Many authors warn about shortcuts to avoid nessicary work and self discipline that the student encounters. Whatever path that you choose, do not avoid hard work or self discipline. It is a double edged sword, on the one hand you must adapt the workings to what you think about it; while on the other hand you cannot benefit from the core ideas unless you work the system. While sometimes breaking all the rules yields the best result depending on the personal desire of the student.

The core idea presented as ‚Äúto be silent,‚ÄĚ sounds so simple and yet is a deeper concept related to the inner alchemy of the student. On one level it has to do with, not talking about spells that are not yet complete; even though that kind of sounds like superstition to me. Another idea that makes more sense is: the proper assimilation of knowledge and testing that knowledge by gaining personal experience with that knowledge. On the one hand each student has different learning styles and there is no truth that I am offering here. What I am referring to here is methodology that the fervent and dedicated student may benefit from. The “Witches Pyramid” describes a methodology. Once upon a time we may have had the benefit of an oral tradition and or personal teacher. Today most of us learn from books or online courses. Even when we work with a group the core material is usually a book or core study materials. The ease of obtaining digital information creates the illusion of easy access to knowledge. The truth is we are inundated with a sea of unending information and as always we must sink or swim.

The methodology described by the idea, to be silent: is simple. When you have made a choice to study certain material, take your time: read it, study it and practice it. If you keep a daily journal you will see what works for you and what does not. Do your homework, your dreamwork and what ever work is called for. Of course you can work with others and talk to others but like birth and death, self initiation happens doing your own work. Develop your abilities and record your results. It is a lonely road and the treasure that you seek, you will find. It is for you to find your own truth and the gold of your spiritual life. Sure it is easy to get drawn into forums, and there are many teachers out there but only one teacher for you; You. Whether you call it your Holy Guardian Angel or your Daemon; You have all the answers for you. The best teachers out there encourage you to find your individual way and not their way. They are guides sharing valuable information from their own experience.

My favorite teachers on the web and in my world, support and encourage personal freedom and offer information to empower individuals. It is a challenge to make time for studies and magickal workings. The rewards of personal struggle and growth are liberating. We are all students and the best teachers and guides consider themselves students too. Personal growth and development is an ongoing process; the inner alchemy is essential and should be Self directed. To be silent is a methodology that is indispensable as a step in a method of inner alchemy so that the student assimilates the knowledge according to your individuality. Where you are at in your path, what your needs are and where you want to take it, is unique. So when you are drawn to material and excited, that is the material you choose to work with and then you apply the methodology so that you can gain the maximum benefit from working with the material.  It is the law of resonance that draws you to the material and the method of to be silent that will help you in your Self discovery process.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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