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Through the Looking Glass

Starhawk writes that where there is fear, there is power.  I hear all the time that Vampirism and Qlippothic Workings are dangerous. For those of you who know who Starhawk is; you may also know that she is traditionally considered R.H.P. What you may not also know is that my search for how the universe really works and what does human potential really mean; that I started out studying the only available material at  the time which was what is now labeled R.H.P. material. I don’t like labels. There is no free thinking human being that can be accurately defined by any label.  Oh we may take up a banner and a cause but that is not the same as a label.

I am here to say that everything is dangerous. People in America have hurt themselves doing yoga.  Waking up and walking out the door is dangerous. You know what else is dangerous, thinking for your-self and not pretending that you agree with the status-quo. You know life is a choice as Shakespeare put so eloquently.

Let me tell you what I see from my subjective point of view, through the looking glass; where the dangerous is healthy and essential, and the safe strangles us in our sleep before we can awaken.

When I first read about predatory spirituality I was reminded of an exercise from the Sepher Yetzirah where you literally create and devour. The idea behind the book is that the vibratory formula of the twenty two Hebrew letters is what the Creator God used to create every-thing that exists. The adept becomes the creator god and creates a calf and devours his creation. The Sorcerer immersed in and implementing R.H.P. methods, is self neutered by oaths preventing him from ever functionally becoming a god or using the spiritual technology as a science. As a part of this oath bound self castration a self curse is also included if one should need to use his power to do anything the order or system does not deem “good.” Whether it is Raja Yoga, Golden Dawn or mainstream Enochian the adept is encouraged before learning any-thing about the real spiritual/ magickal technology; is laden and bound to self mutilation before he is out the gate. These precautions are to ensure that the individual fledgling god is still born; or worse to ensure that the energy of the individual is ripe to be devoured by the “white lighter god.”

Who is the “enemy of man?” I think the real question is what not who. It is a self mutilating methodology, passed down through the ages to protect us from blossoming and becoming. It was preserved through religious dogma. In Zoroastrianism the foul demonic entities represent natural human bodily functions and desires. Just like LeVay pointed out, the seven deadly sins are human nature. Modern psychology has pointed out repeatedly that when human nature is oppressed it comes out is uncontrollable outbursts and self destructive behavior. So we know it is destructive to oppress being human and yet that is what the ideal’s of Ahura Mazda and Yahweh are all about.  They are all about destroying human nature.

A pattern has emerged out of all the systems that I have studied: from the Golden Dawn to Tibetan Tantra. This pattern is a core system that is pure science. A science obscured, misunderstood and oversimplified. You see magick is a science. The myths and allegories are not doctrine but stories that preserve core ideas like seeds for the individual to plant and harvest.

It is so obvious; the eye in the triangle is symbolic of the perception of the individual, as the divine architect. In the Golden Dawn section on the creation of talismans, assigns anthropomorphic and animal attributes to the Hebrew letters for the construction of talismans. Because every time you charge a tool it becomes a thought form. Oh and the classic cautionary thought form tale is the Golem of Prague. Grimoires always warn that created beings such as egregores and servitors are dangerous if allowed to live to long.  By the way the word Grigori is from the word egrogore; so which came first the Angel or the Conjurer? Grigori also means Watcher as in the Angels from Genesis who fell for human women and gave birth to the Nephelim.

What I am saying is that, there is a very real reason that a methodology was created in the first place, that prevents humans from even waking up let alone ever reaching full potential. Our myths of gods and goddesses, even Yahweh, invariably have human qualities. Is that because they are stories told about our most epic of human ancestors?

What ever the case may be, I think that these are important questions. I mean the Evil Genius and the awesome potency of the Therionick aspect are written about in the Golden Dawn. Thought form technology at every level is copiously discussed; but the oaths prevent the adept from ever really using it. Even the Archetypes are discussed in the Golden Dawn as sleeping thought forms, and the power of names and images is discussed in relation to awakening them. So why is this knowledge preserved under such a restrictive yoke? Because it is a real science and it works. The Seed Syllables are mentioned in Tibetan, Galdre magick uses sound to transmit runic power, the Staoto and Mantra yoga as well.  There is a core science of sound, number and color to construct all kinds of thought forms. Crowley called magickal currents thought forms and engines. Every magickal or non magickal group has a thought form created from the thoughts and desires of the individuals in the group.

Carlos Casteneda said that this is a predatory universe which is easily observable at every level in nature and society.  As above, so below: so there are predators and prey on every level. What is really nuts is those dire warnings to destroy your magickal servitor after a set time. They are so dire and yet when you cross the line from theory to practice then you are through the looking glass. Oh sure some children grow up to become vampires and cannibals, most children do not. Thought forms are like our children except unlike our children, they listen to us. Breaking this taboo has taught me some valuable lessons. The most valuable is that everything that I have been warned about has been empowering and healthy; and everything that is supposed to be safe is bad psychology and self destructive.

There used to be a term used to described someone who had become spacey and strange from too much magickal exposure: faerey charmed. This term is used in circles where R.H.P. methodology and dogma, rules. Any one sided unbalanced approach is self destructive and decentralizing. Even so, white lighters seem to, lose themselves in the light and the dark sides that I know seem to find themselves in the dark. How is it that working with demonick forces is more beneficial to sharpness of mind, fitness of body and overall good fortune?
This is just my personal experience. Yours may differ; we are all individuals.
Thanks for visiting me this week; through the looking glass.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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