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Thought Form Technology

What do you think about? How do you think of yourself? I remember after I explained thought form technology to a friend, he responded by saying that, if it were true: that we would be all powerful. We are, the problem is that we have already invested that power. We are in the midst of creating every day but cannot see it because so is everyone else. Imagine for a minute, what would the world look like if we were all, all powerful? You are already a god? You don’t think like a god, so you don’t see the results of the thoughts of a god.

Thoughts have energy and take form. As the Dhampatta states, thoughts preceed their objects. The Hermetic Laws also agree that thoughts have energy and by speaking our will and acting on those thoughts, we can accomplish anything. Our perception is subjective but so is everyone elses.

Many creation epics feature a god waking up in a primal state and using words to bring forth creation. Which inspired the rite of the Bornless One, an initiatory rite used to seek the knowledge and conversation with the daemon/ holy guardian angel. This formula is used to obtain the knowledge of what your true will is.

In modern magick we are encouraged to utilize thought form technology to invest our energy in the construction of ritual items and in a magickal system of thought. This is like sleight of hand, focusing your attention on what is being shown to you and doing something else completely different to you, without you noticing. What tools and systems are good for, is exercising your ability to utilize thought form technology.

Most magickal systems only briefly cover aspects of thought form technology. Some of them use the folk tale of the Golem of Prague, as the reason that you have to give egregores/ thought-forms, a life span. Think about it. How are your thoughts so powerful that they never die? The only catch is that they have to feed. If they go hungry they sleep as archetypes and still do not die. If they are sapped in combat,  they do not die. This is not a theory, this is from multi-witness experiments.  According to Don Jaun Matus from Carlos Casteneda’s books, death is a rolling force and if you configure your energy in a certain way, death cannot interact with you.Thought forms are a rolling force and the more you feed your thought form, the more powerful you become. Is this the real reason that Golden Dawn study, starts with developing the Body of Light. The strange case of Ted Serios seems to imply that thought is light.

The challenge is to pay attention. Literally, to pay attention to your thoughts and actions. Another challenge is to learn how to think and act like a god. Do you expect the wind to obey your command, of course not. It is entirely within the power of a god, to perform such a feat. But as long as that god languishes in: imagining that he is a helpless human at the mercy of forces outside of his control, so he will be helpless. A god is, as he thinks he is.
And that is the point where most of you will walk away from this idea, because I have stripped it of it’s robes and regalia.

Here are the basic facts, you create a thought form, it only grows stronger. It is counter to the normal operating parameters of the biological unit that generated it. It is human to grow old and die.  How can we create something that is sentient and never dies? Let’s see, thought forms are a rolling force and death is a rolling force. Here is the surprising bit, if you feed your thought form, you get stronger: like the serpent that devours it’s tail. I am the Ourobus and so are you.

To utilize thought form technology, at all, you have to be centered in the Self. People talk about centering but have forgotten why they needed to do it.

This is why it is so important to sort things out for yourself and awaken to your true will/ daemon.
That is the only way that you can know where you want to invest your thought energy, because it is immortal. You are becoming a god or goddess or you are feeding someone elses idea and making them stronger.

Thought manifest as light but it is the light of the black flame which is awakened consciousness.

What you do with it is up to you. The work is long and hard to clear out the self created muck, where you can actually reach a point that you can instantly manifest your thoughts. Yes there is work, your brain is always busy and your thoughts are all over the place. It takes time and energy to develop the kind of self discipline necessary to utilize this knowledge. That being said you need to think of yourself as whatever you want to become. Use whatever tools that please you and don’t forget to break the rules. The rules protect you from your self. Time to find out what you are really made of…

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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