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There can be only one Michael W. Ford

When Magister Blackwood and Pope Fraize tried to take out their competition as leaders in the Left Hand Path community, they failed. One of their targets, of course, was the ever popular author of numerous books: Michael W. Ford.

At least they had the balls to do it themselves and out in the open.

Now Adam Daniels has decided to use mind control techniques and hypnosis to create drones to go after Michael so that when it goes public Adam can disavow any knowledge of the plot against Michael. It is a ridiculous plot to have the drones plagiarize Michael’s books and then copyright and publish them as their own. I know because after Adam used mind control technology and hypnosis on me, he asked me to do it.

First of all I have been involved in the pagan community for almost 30 years and the LHP for about 16. Initially I was drawn to Witchcraft because its practitioners worked with pre-Christian deities. There was very little in-depth scholarly work into the deities at the time and almost nothing about the dark gods. Dark gods were oversimplified as just bad and the dark side of light deities was completely disregarded. I was driven to do much of my own research and I turned every stone in my search.

So when I found Luciferian Witchcraft and other books by Michael W. Ford, I was delighted. He is a forerunner and innovator. His research is impeccable and he always includes extensive bibliographies. Not only that, he shares his own experiences with the material he publishes and provides context for the practices. He is also always suggesting to the student to adapt his innovations to their own practice. He is also the Magus of The Order of Phosphorous and The Black Order of the Dragon.

I have great respect for Michael W. Ford and have severed any and all association with Adam Daniels and his Church of Ahriman.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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