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The Wolf

The Wolf is a potent archetype, symbol and deific mask that is often utilized by the full spectrum of adepts and practitioners of the arcane arts.  From shamanic practitioners to ceremonial adepts, the wolf is a popular archetype and often used to represent the therionik aspect. As a creature in our world and as an archetype the Wolf is most often misunderstood. Whether as a feared aspect of the subjective psyche or as a natural predator in the objective world, the wolf is mostly still misunderstood.

As a natural species, wolves are very organized and family oriented. Wolves have family values and are intensely loyal to the pack. There is a hierarchy within the pack that is based on functionality for survival of the species. Aberrant behavior in members of the pack, leads to expulsion.  Aberrant wolves are an immediate danger to the basic survival of the family. Alpha’s born into the pack, are upon maturity, sent away to form other packs. When the Alpha is no longer functional because of age or injury, another alpha takes over and they must submit or leave.  Wolves are only a danger to human livestock, in deep winter when food is scarce or when humans have displaced wolves from their habitat. Wolves are not cruel or vicious, they are dealing with a harsh and unforgiving environment that threatens their survival on a daily basis.  They adapt where they can, but always with a bent toward survival of the family.

The wolf versus sheep social paradigm is an artifice created by humans to create a new category of other to justify their exploitation of others. Domestic sheep and wild sheep are two different animals with very different behaviors. Domestic sheep are not the natural prey of wild predators, they are the natural prey of the humans cultivating them. Wolves are wild predators and competing with humans/ other predators, for resources. Humans are natural predators, we take other species habitats and destroy them. On our planet, humans are the ultimate predator.

One difference between humans and wolves, is that we are disassociated with basic survival needs so we have developed more and more elaborate levels of complex societal arrangements and behaviors.

According to the Carlos Castaneda material, all species have a single energetic template. Our ancestors invoked the spirit of the wolf to enhance their hunting prowess, so that they could better provide for their families and community. Wolves are both feared and venerated throughout history, by many cultures. Many modern Shaman’s, Sorcerers and Practitioners awaken within themselves the archetype of the wolf, seeking strength and self-reliance. Feminist have used the wolf archetype as a symbol of their independence, in the book, Wemon Who Run with Wolves. ( Humans have benefited from working with the Wolf as an archetype as long as history has been recorded. There are many benefits that I have personally experienced.  This work with the archetype engenders in the person who subjectively benefits, a protectiveness toward the objective animal. Hence many occultists and even new age people are conservationist. We are often involved in the protection of the natural world.  So when people malign or abuse the wolf, we take it personally.

I went through an intense awakening when I was 19. I had no idea what was going on. I was compelled from within, to enter the darkness. I literally went out in the night, to wild places and felt the call of the wolf in every fiber of my being. It sounds dangerous, but at no time was I ever interfered with, in any way.  It was invigorating and awesome. Five years later, I was working with the mad aspect of the aberrant wolf archetype to heal a part of me that had been damaged.  During that time, petty conflicts had arisen between Covens. Because of the foolish nature of the conflict, I left the coven I was in. The Wolf archetype I was working with, showed me the curse that they cast on me, for my having left. Later a person who was in attendance of the curse, confessed to me the same details. In that case the mad-wolf deific mask that had emerged from my subconscious, absorbed the energy and I was empowered, instead of cursed. The wolf archetype has been a personal benefit to me. So I am very protective of the
species, both literally and figuratively. Therefor when they are maligned or harmed, I must speak out and act. In this, I am not the only one who feels this way. Just like wolves are maligned and misunderstood, so are we. The Magickian, the Luciferian and the Satanist: are in this way, all like the wolf.

The way we are not like the wolf, is that the L.H.P. is made up of Alpha’s. This condition presents optimal opportunities for personal growth, through quality challenges and exchanges between diverse individuals. This of course is the ideal, sometimes challenges break out into: all out, war. Which is another opportunity to sharpen ones wit and will. Ideas are tested and broken logic trees are devoured in the black flame. We benefit the most from these exchanges because dealing with other alpha’s means that the quality of the experiences and information, is of a higher caliber. Welcome to Alphaville…

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Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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