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The Whole Aim

The whole aim of the great work is Autonomy. The knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel is intented to liberate you from the work of other men, to discover your own magickal language by which to transform your own world. Awakening the kundalini is intended to discover for your own self, your personal and most effective way to liberate yourself. The whole aim of attaining gnosis by awakening the daemon is to discover your own direct line to your own divinity and ascension. Setian paxer neteri is designed to liberate your individual consciousness to become your own god. The whole aim is not properly understood going in, but it is the aim, nevertheless.

According to the mythology of modern Christianity, which is more urban legend than actual Biblical verse: Lucifer chose to rebel. Like any rebel before or since, they never intend to create a religion and copy cats are anathema to the very basis of their rebellion. The basis of Lucifer‚Äôs rebellion was not to be the Puppet of God, but to break away and make his own choices. He wanted to be free to choose. As a story this is intended to illustrate our own process. To break away from being an unconscious creation and to develop what Carl Jung called: the process of individuation. Individuation is the process of becoming an individual. People have told stories of heroes and rebels in every culture, to inspire their children and remind them that someday they also will need to think for themselves and define what they are willing to fight for. Even amidst the banal of the unmotivated masses, these stories survive as entertainment and sometimes are twisted into religion for the purpose of controlling the people. Christianity is that mythology that has been twisted into a religion, choking the life out of individuality; so Lucifer has become a folk hero. Satanism has become the line drawn to say ‚Äúno‚ÄĚto homogeny and assimilation into the herd.

Every single Author or Artist whos’ work I find a point of inspiration, all agree on one point. In their books, blogs and lectures: they all encourage you to take their work and adapt it to your own. They all encourage you to not mimic them, but to draw inspiration and develop your own self determined path.  They provide tools that work but do not tell you what to do with them.  As a matter of fact they all say that you should push your envelop and discover your own potential.

Now there is a benefit to working with groups but even then the aim of any group I associate with is to discover your own self determined path through learning techniques and applying them. Sure there are other agendas but the opportunity for you that is ever present, is for you to unlock your own potential and discover what is really possible. No one can give that to you but there are authors, artists and groups that provide tools to do that.  The work is long and hard, but it is your journey of discovery.

All of the people and groups that I have learned from do not necessarily get along, but they do all agree that it is all about you and your self discovery. Most people misunderstand where I am coming from with this. I do not like who I like because of them, but because their body of work is aligned with my own passion, which is to create a world where we are all free to choose. It is a hard fight and the obstacles are impossible but history tells me that the evolution of consciousness and society is in fits and starts but always shifting.  I am just nudging it in the direction that reflects the world that I want to live in.

Autonomy requires personal accountable and that is crux of the biggest obstacle. As we know we all know we live in a world that no one wants to be responsible for. It is so bad people feel like they have to make excuses for everything that they really want to do. There is no end to the spiral of reasons why no one is responsible for their own actions.

The fact is anyone breaking out of that spiral is attempting a heroic feat. Especially since all of us have to deal with being born into an environment where we are conditioned from birth by our parents and the media to be programmed to fit into what-ever role is expected of us. Most people never know that their every action, thought and preference is preprogrammed from early childhood. But when you do know and you begin to break out of that; that is a heroic act.

So back to the crux of this article: the whole aim of the Left Hand Path is self discovery and a self determined path. Nothing can be self determined until you think for yourself. You cannot think for your self, until you liberate yourself.  It is the chicken and the egg, all over again. The point is, if you are reading this, then at some point, you rebelled. It is most likely the whole basis for your rebellion, was to break the role that was expected of you and the whole aim of breaking that role, was freeing yourself to find a self determined role. The whole aim of everything I have done has been to free myself and inspire others. I hope I have inspired you to remember that the whole aim, is providing you with tools to free yourself and determine your own destiny.

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Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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