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The Temples of the Great Desert

(Statue of Apolo at Pompeii ancient ruins)

Most of us would think that once a temple is physically gone and no rituals are made anymore, the wisdom and with it the magick are both defunct. Not true! However it is real fact that centuries now several religions managed to destroy most of the spiritual evolution that we’ve managed to accomplish in thousands of years (if not even more) and to eradicate the human population to a mere mass of flesh. Unfortunately, even in our Western so called¬† ”free society”¬† the magick that is proliferated by most of the ”sages” is of a Christian nature, some how derived from Judean spirituality or of a second hand type of Greek/Roman magick. The real magick of the inhabitants of each Western country is either lost, either stripped of it’s core to garnish some charlatan’s pocket. I do believe that each one of us is tied to the magick of his/her country and if studied properly would give one more wisdom than some exotic deities that have nothing to do with him/her in the first place. Christianity managed to alien almost every nation of it’s true meaning by enforcing something that doesn’t belongs to that land and this is one of the reasons why even so, it HAD to adopt most of the so called ”pagan” traditions in order to be accepted by the inhabitants and even nowadays this practice of alienation continues by adopting deities from other continents and mixing them with others thinking that they are ONE and the same.

The only place where an Initiate can find the truth about deities in general and also lost wisdom is the Great Desert that reveals itself till the edge of the Abyss. It is a sinister and grandiose place in the same time, that none of us should ignore but rather study piece by piece as much as a lifetime can handle…because it is enormous and the temples seem to have no end. I know that there are the temple from the edge of the Abyss that have been lost thousands of thousands of thousands of years ago(some, as far as I heared, are not even human!) but not all of us can handle the bizarre temples of our ancestors, first of all because the two energies might not come well together and you would feel like rejected and won’t even be able to approach the temple or (as it happened to me several times) there is a strange foreign culture that we, the modern people, cannot comprehend and the inner wisdom of the temples cannot understand us-am not talking about language and customs here but rather about energy signature and energy communication. So, I ceased to visit the very ancient temples and focus on those that have a compatibility with me,so I can learn from them and pass by the wisdom and magick. Most of the times you will feel like you do not understand what is happening,the amount of information that they might pass into you might feel devastating and several days after that you may feel crushed, but by time you will start to translate all of those tones of information (might pass even years!).Feel free to check your information with the internet and history books in the first stages of the process just to make sure that it wasn’t just a mere imagination game but the more you will start to handle the Desert the more you will know what is true there and what is not.

Article by Kirke

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