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The Temple of the Adversarial Forge

Devour, destroy and crush or be crushed. This is the declared motto of a fresh new Adversary on the LHP Scene. He has always been on the adversarial path, without the cliché buzzwords and trappings. His is a Warrior Spirit.

He was 15 when he became the world’s youngest Jeet Kun Do instructor. He is still a passionate and dedicated instructor.

Last October as High Priest of the Coven of the Primal Dawn he defended freedom of religion in the United States by standing his ground in spite of public harassment and threats by a fundamentalist group called Repent Amarillo. His coven had a public Samhain planned to educate the community. Repent Amarillo threatened to use bull horns to stop them and to take pictures and use the pictures to get the members fired from their jobs. He garnered a lot of support and performed the Rite on schedule and the police defended him and the coven. He was successful in his stand.

Pomahazael is diligent and hard working and wanted to learn more. So he founded his own magickal current. He founded the Temple of the Adversarial Forge. Now, he was not interested in all the posing and fashion. He was and is interested forging real deal flippin’ Adversaries. So he started the Adversarial Forge on Facebook. He is building an army of individualist antinomians who are looking for a place to talk about their personal paths and learn from each other. He is only interested in independent seekers and sorcerers who are working the magickal path. The members are expected to be practicing their own path and not just theorist.

The Facebook group has taken off and often has the most interesting and useful discussions based off of a member saying “I did this, and this happened?” Sparking real discussions about magickal techniques and results from personal experiences of the members. It gets real. He also posts techniques for Adversaries to explore and invites them to share their results with the group.  As a matter of fact it has taken off so well that he is currently looking into launching an Adversarial website.

He functions in the magickal community in the way of a traditional sage or village witch.  While working on his own personal LHP path, which he works very intently, he does workings at the request of people in Amarillo and all over. For a simple offering to his Daemon Pomahazael, he provides services to the magickal community. These services he offers are indeed effective—and the funny thing is, he never advertised these services.  People just showed up on his doorstep.  Just like what Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.“ In this case he is building a better current more in line with the unique individualism and personal liberation of the LHP and not the cult of personality afflicting it.

Furthermore he is infernally dedicated to his personal freedom and development, so even though he provides services to the magickal community, he is not way bound by it.  He is not bound to anyone else’s and political or magickal agenda. The forge is a current for independent growth and development. Workings are explored together but there are no followers here, only Adversaries seeking their own self transformation in the Forge.

Membership is always open but up to the discretion of Pomahazael. If you are interested contact him at

Here is his group description on the Forge facebook group”

“Hail thou Lucifer, bringer of light and darkness! Hail thou Lilith, the sacred whore and mother of witches blood! Thou who has ignited the blackened flame within, I invoke the adversarial flame upon this group. Let the wisdom contained within be fuel for the fire!

I now declare the gates of Hell open! May its flames cleanse this temple of any who would get in the way of our progression and growth, and may they strengthen and forge adversaries to combat slavery and bring forth liberation!Zazas..Zazas..Nasatanada Zazas.. Open now the gates! According to my will it is done!

This group is a compilation of members dedicated to learning, teaching, and sharing resources in regard to different approaches to the LHP. Utilize the docs, enjoy discussion on relevant topics, enjoy the interviews, and pod casts to expand your horizons and grow as an individual. Everyone is welcomed to post docs whether they are artistic or educational in content. Music videos must be relevant to the occult, and ritualistic in nature. Videos must have occult symbology and purpose at the very least. Remember we are trying to suggest, inform, and endorse angles of the LHP to help others find their own way. Do your best to keep that standard. This group will have purpose and substance. – Pomahazael”

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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