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The Subconscious Moves in Mysterious Ways

During the middle ages and through trying times, Witches and Sorcerers had to create and enforce certain security protocols that were necessary at the time; but sometimes, protocols become tradition even after the danger is past. In the Coven of the Golden Ram I was shown one such grimoire. It was actually one split into three books. One had the practices, one had the words and the other had the seals, symbols, gestures and other artistic renderings. At one time it was a way to protect the knowledge from falling into the hands of the inquisitors. Strange how the more things change some things still manage to work out in a closely similar way.

Most of my work is solitary but I also have friends that I do workings with; mostly fellow students to test my own progress, to discuss material with and compare notes. One of these friends who works from the shadows shared an insight with me that utterly blew my mind.  He told me something about my favorite grimoires published by my favorite author.  His insight was: that they all fit together. That even though each is like a complete magickal tool box they also complement each other.

Now I know from my own mathematical analysis of the seal of Hecate from The Book of the Witch Moon that Michael W. Ford is certainly an inspired and practicing sorcerer. The seal of Hecate has a staota on it of 17 letters that equal 71. For an old Qabalist like me 17:71 has extraordinary significance. 17 equals 8 which is the number of Isis and magick. Isis is from the Egyptian coptic Ast; and as Ana discovered in her research, there seems to be a connection between Ast and Az. Eight is also a key number of Hecate in utilizing her magickal current.¬† Hekau is the magickal word or logos of the Aeon. 17 is also connected to Zain the Aeon of the Sword and Ma’at.

17 is both Sacrifice and Chi: Heka is the Egyptian for magickal power, not to be confused with Sekhem which is Life force. What most people do not know about chi from the Taoist Sorcery perspective is that there are different kinds of chi, as well. 71 is (6×11)+15. Six is the fulcrum, eleven is the gate of knowledge and fifteen is the secret Venus. I really could go on forever. Such is the endless labyrinth of Qabalistic Numerology. My point is that while he consciously researches, works with and writes these grimoires; his subconscious has woven a larger tapestry to be studied and explored in depth. They are a puzzle that when unlocked are the key to unlocking your own personal power and your own arcana.

They say that God works in mysterious ways; apparently so does the Daemon of Michael W. Ford.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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