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The Science of Resonance

Resonance is an all pervasive science that describes the vibratory rates and relationships of phenomena. Now this modern science is not usually applied to the occult.  Even so the theories that are behind it, are ancient occult principles that have been applied for millennia by shamans and sorcerers. It is mentioned in the Kabylion as the science of vibration, it is practiced in the far east as mantra yoga. It is ancient hermetic law and at the core of orphic practices. This is a science that you can apply and see results. This is the alchemy of mantra yoga and the staota of sorcery that I have applied to save my life. And I am not the only one. The origins of the Mozart Affect lay in an individual dire need by the author of the book, to survive an inoperable brain tumor. His research led him to discover not only the affect that music has on the body but also vocalized sounds.

For most people the obstacle to applying the most simple of sciences to their own health and well-being, is the idea of seeming silly. There are some people who are very close to me who have suffered greatly but would never apply this technique because they would feel like a fool.

The other factor that keeps people from applying the occult sciences to their own benefit is our “instant gratification culture.” The fact is that everything takes time. This is not properly understood. Both damage and benefit to the body is accrued over time through proper or improper habits.

In my own experience and through my own research, certain miracles have been achieved through the science of resonance. Resonance can tear a structure apart as easily as sustain it. So it is tricky business, unless you learn to listen to your own instincts and learn to listen to your body: you can cause damage instead of benefit. Which is why in the beginning of practice, it is good to have an instructor. For example, in Ashrams: a Yogi will help you find a mantra that resonates with you, to restore the proper functioning of your body and mind. It is important to realize that any technique can be used for benefit or damage. The key to healing is to restore the proper functioning of the body and mind. Nothing else will help you and you must be willing to listen to your body and instincts over fashion and popular opinion. You must be able to think for yourself because the invitation for self destructive habits will always be present.

Naturally we already have the instinct for our personal optimal resonance, the problem is that the resonance that sustains me may be disruptive and unhealthy for someone else. The normal behavioral conditioning of socialization may conflict with what kind of resonance invigorates and energizes you.  For instance Masura Emoto’s research implies that classical music is beneficial to the water in the body but we know that is not true for every-body. Some of us are invigorated and energized by Black Metal. This is just an example of how individual each person’s natural resonance, is. This is due to the fact, that as structures, biological entities even in the same genetic family, are essentially chaos systems that vary by degrees of difference.  Resonance exists in and influences all three dimensional structures.

The ancients understood the science of resonance by different names but nevertheless understood how it is applied. This is the set of techniques of generating sound to bend reality. Tibetan cosmology says that the universe arose out of seed syllables. Superstring theory says that the phenomenal world we experience is the result of vibrating strands of energy. Medieval alchemist corresponded sounds to occult principles and planetary powers. Whether you apply music, mantra, or staota or a combination of these to enhance your rites, you are applying a science both ancient and modern, to cause change in your body of energy and the world of energy.  Everything is energy and everything changes, when we apply the science of vibration to our physical structures, we are directing that change according to our will.

The Tao and Tree of Life actually has mantra’s to restore the proper functioning of your organs.  In combination with chakra mantras and through intensive work with the whole of my being both physically and psychological I have restored proper functioning of my body. Which as you may know is impossible since my body had been ravaged by Lupus. Through persistence the impossible becomes possible only because anything that seems impossible is simply not properly understood. There is a science behind my healing and that science is resonance and ruthless willingness to do whatever it takes to restore my health and well being. Which means that in my case what seemed to be a miracle, actually has a scientific explanation. I apply the science of vibration and forge ahead in my Becoming, every day. Not due to a miracle but an ancient and modern applied science, resonance.

Until next time…  Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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