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The Plemora

There has been a lack of interest in Jay Alfred’s dark plasma theory: from both the scientific and operant magickal sides. Fred Allen Wolf says that when a breakthrough in science comes along, it is first met with apathy. Everyone is still invested in the way they already think about how things work. This is true, but has not sapped my excitement or pursuit in stirring up interest.  Now I understand that, scientist do find Jay Alfred’s side by side comparison of Theosophical Metaphysics with Dark Plasma theory, to be a little hokey. Operant magicians are only concerned that what they already know that works; and are not necessarily concerned with how it works.  The fact that I pursue how it works lends some to believe that I am all cerebral and not an actual practitioner. The opposite is true, because I am an practitioner, I know it works and want to know more. The more you learn the more you realize how much there is to learn. The awesome aspect of practical magick is that it gives me hands on experience: a direct way to personally explore and directly interact with archetypal forces.

We consider it reasonable to know what is in our foods and what the affects the energy fields of power lines have on our families. I do understand that one hundred percent of intellectual and emotional focus is necessary during the performance of a rite: the process of which begins during the preparations for it; but it seems unreasonable to me, to not ask questions outside of the circle.  Why do you want to know what is in your food but not what is behind how magick works? Most magickal practitioners are not religious but to not question how, seems to me like another religion. The danger of not asking lay in intellectual laziness by getting in the habit of not asking, which is what spawns religions.

People who ask are underestimated and mistaken for newbies when they are not outright ridiculed. Even though questioning the very nature of our existence is how we entered into the practice of magick. It is how we got here. Certainly every magickal book explains it’s logic tree of why and how it works; but when a breakthrough in science comes along which correlates with those very descriptions, why would there be so little interest?

There are authors who have struggled to bridge the gap between magick and science. One of the drawbacks that I and many authors have struggled with in this quest, is the limits of language, in our effort to express what we are trying to say. Readers, perceives: often process what we are saying as symbolic, when we are being literal or try to fit what we are saying into already existing models that have nothing to do with what we are attempting to communicate.

Jay Alfred is not a lone researcher, he is a biologist who is basing his theories on recent breakthroughs in plasma/ electromagnetic cosmology. The new cosmology expresses a more dynamic universe than previously implied by the big bang cosmology. Furthermore the only reason breakthroughs are made is because the universe continues to defy the equations laid down to express how it is supposed to function, according to current scientific theories about how gravity and the universe behaves. The more we learn the more the universe shows us, that we don’t know what is really going on. This is a continual process that is expressed as the evolution of what we consider to be scientific knowledge. In the first place scientific knowledge is a set of theories used to explain why phenomena seems to behave the way that it does. To really say, that any theory is absolutely proven, is an erroneous statement. The true validity of any theory is in it’s practical application; just like in operant magick.

Magickians, philosophers and science fiction writers have been postulating for a long time: that any sufficiently advanced technology will appear to be magick. Which implies that magick functions according to scientific laws not yet understood by current scientific opinion. So there are a few researches pushing in that direction and it seems especially interesting to me that the most radical research at the forefront, is being done by biologists. Because whatever the universe is made of, we are made of. Furthermore how we function is intimately connected with how the universe functions. Cosmologists tend to believe that they cannot interact with the universe, except in the most ordinary ways. That is so sad for them, though they would say that I was crazy for practicing applied magickal sciences. Yet I and any Sorcerer, Shaman, Hoodoo Priest or Practitioner of any kind of magick, can directly explore and test those ideas. Other unorthodox scientific researchers already are testing those theories, everyday. Plasma/ electromagnetic cosmology is the scientific foundation that can easily explain phenomena demonstrated by multiple researchers in different disciplines.

Plasma Physics, very well could be the foundation science by why Masura Emoto’s repeatable experiments with simple words and phrases seem to have any effect on water. This would also be the foundation physics behind why mantra’s and staota, which is vibration, seems to have a transformative effect on individuals and their immediate environment. Plasma physics could also explain the apparent extraordinary feats achieved by Yoga Adepts and Kung Fu Masters. This is the science that could explain how Rupert Sheldrakes, morphic field theory and formative causation, works. I remember in the eighties there was a substantial financial reward offered to anyone who could prove scientifically, the theory of Formative Causation.

Plasma/ electromagnetic Cosmological theories were eventually developed from the apparent missing mass in the universe. The apparent missing mass was named dark matter. In this context dark is used to describe something that is hidden from sight. In a different context it would be referred to as occult matter. Nevertheless the apparent effects of dark matter were witnessed but the missing matter cannot be verified.  Equations, theories and apparent motion led to an entirely new set of cutting edge ideas now called Plasma/ electromagnetic Cosmology. This new cosmology provides a very dynamic and interactive new idea of the universe that we live in and are made of.

Crowley’s explanation of magickal phenomena that was elucidated in the Goetia, in light of this new information, implies that it is possible that it is a literal and not figurative description. If you look at the new cosmology in any depth it seems to imply the universe looks like and functions similar to own neural net in the human brain. This new cosmology could indeed be the foundation science not only to explain how and why evocation works but also how and why completely different approaches work, as well.

There is not only one way, which makes more sense in a more dynamic model of the universe: where the template of our existence, is essentially a plasma/ electromagnetic field of possibility.  My personal intent in stirring up interest is that I need other practitioners to verify my own results, not as in needing validation, but as in my need to push the limits of what is possible.  Especially if I am right about the other half of the equation.  Individual work is crucial but if I am right about the other have of the equation, so is working together. I will not go into that equation here as it is not the focus of this article but I have written about it before.

You cannot work together though until the individual work is undertaken and a certain amount of personal breakthroughs occur. The new Plasma/ electromagnetic Cosmology breakthrough is tantamount to being both the unified field theory and the foundation for the scientific basis of Magickal and Mystical experience. The only difference between us and “Official Scientists,” is we have the option to experiement with it now in our “laboratory/ ritual chamber.”


Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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