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The Physical Adept

One of the imbalances of spiritual pursuits can be neglecting the physical. Green tea was first cultivated to keep monks awake for meditation. Yoga, Tai Chi and Martial Arts were all developed in cultures that balanced the physical and spiritual worlds. Even Don Juan Matus in the Carlos Casteneda series practiced a set of physical forms as a supplement to his sorcery. Don Juan told Carlos that he did not consider himself a spiritual man but a sorcerer and as a sorcerer he had better have guts of steel to deal with the energies a sorcerer encounters.

I am a physical adept. I have been studying yoga for twenty years and it has certainly supplemented my spiritual pursuits. Mantra yoga is used with every western form of occultism. Hatha yoga works in unison with energy work and prepares the body for undistracted meditation. Raja yoga prepares the mind for energy work and directing energy. Tantra yoga is also known as Laya yoga and kundalini yoga. Tantra actually comes from the Sanskrit word Tanuti which means ‘to weave.’ Which really intrigues me because Thoth’s Egyptian name is Tahuti and means ‘to weave.’ Chakra yoga is the most well known energetic yoga in the west. What is usually not mentioned is the Nadis or currents in the body. Bhakti yoga is devotion to an ideal which on my path is Self-dea-fication.

I also study Tai Chi and Tang Soo Do. Now, according to Korean Mythology there was an element of magic to Martial Arts. They were called internal methods or chi methods. I mention Korea because Tang Soo Do is the martial art of the Korean Military and Tae Kwon Do is the Korean sport martial art. I also study other methods too but my Dojo is Korean. I bring this up because I definitely experience a huge increase in chi and magical energy when I am practicing martial arts. Even though I am still a beginner in martial arts I experience not just an immediate boost in chi but also a lasting energetic affect.

I have read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and it seems to me to apply to Magick and many aspects of life. As we all know Bruce Lee was a genius and came up with Jeet Kune Do as an applied philosophy in practice. So I would love to see someone who is expert in Martial Arts forge a Magickal Martial Arts current. Now, it just so happens that I found that Martial Artist who happens to also be a Black Adept. I will be interviewing him for you soon.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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