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The Nebula

A nebula is a debris cloud of forces that have tentatively gathered in a gravitational field formed by the mass of the gathered objects. The specific gravity of each object influences all the others but they have not yet coalesced into a star and possibly a star system.   Before the gravity reaches critical mass it is still a mostly chaotic system that is more a potential system then an actual system. The tension between defining forces and forces seeking to remain in a chaotic state is intense.

So here we are nebulous and undefined as a community. Of course I am referring to our current state. We are Dark Pagans, Luciferian Sorcerers and Satanists in the LHP community. We seek to maintain our individuality and many still function as a community as well. There has been much turbulence and it is as it should be as we seek to maintain a self defined path while seeking out others to share community with. We do not shrink from conflict but embrace it as an opportunity for reaching new levels of personal excellence. Sometimes it breaks out into drama and all we can do is wonder in awe at the bizarre forms that the outbreak takes on. One must have a sense of humor.

Sometimes our weakness is our strength and sometimes our weakness is our weakness.  Some of us like to think that we have evolved to accept that there is some usefulness to the idiots that afflict us. Truly but one must not underestimate the one strength that most idiots possess and that is to stir up crap. One of my dear friends who is considered too dark for many in the LHP warned me about this one idiot. He warned that the only aim of this person was to destroy the LHP community by creating drama and sowing discord.  Indeed in a year and half I have witness the idiot effectively divide and destroy much of the nebula simply by persistent exasperation of unending drama and half ass scholarly jargon.

My friend who warned me and many people; used to go on about creating some kind of LHP community and Satanic unity. He has stopped talking about it and watched it all fall down. Now he seems a bit darker than most. Even today; this day the idiot that seeks to divide us is on the lips of and a distraction for even the most intelligent and well grounded of members of our loose association we call the LHP. I say to my brothers and sisters in the Nebula; evict that one from our hearts and minds and he will afflict us no more. Ignoring idiots is the only way to deal with them effectively and when your brother talks about unity: do not dismiss it out of hand. We are indeed individuals and by virtue of thus even our loosest association is stronger than adamantine for we are the gods of the LHP and the fools who beset us shall have no foot hold.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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