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The Metamorphic Art or The Magic

Speaking of Magic is always a pleasure but it is also complex, at least, for how it can be dealt with from a point of view that unites both a careful study of the anthropology of the sacred, and a background in some way rooted in some vision that include the esoteric concept in itself.

Magic is a term that is often abused, especially today, so it is more important to say what is not magic before saying what it is.

Surely the magic are not those ‚Äúgentlemen‚ÄĚ who offer their silly services at a consistent price : money, business, love and so on.

Authentic Wizards were the wise men of antiquity; who were scientists, sorcerer and philosophers.

Magic is a term that can imply something of the concept of gnosis, even if magic is already the application of gnosis.

Gnosis is a direct relationship with knowledge, of any knowledge one wants to speak, and therefore also a direct relationship with the sacred.

Understanding the concept of Magic means getting out of what is said today, because today the dominant culture of the sacred and the philosophical is nothing but a pendulum.

In this pendulum we have on the one hand a religious culture, which is ignoble, because built by the main enemies and persecutors of magic.

On the other hand, we have a totally secularist approach that identifies magic and all its gnosis with so-called superstition or simple lie.

These two, unfortunately, are the things that are usually on magic (especially in Italy but more in general, all around the world).

Instead it would be enough to study a minimum of history to understand that Magic is the basis of any approach to knowledge, even scientific.

When we start talking about magic, from a historical point of view, we are in full renaissance, to be precise in Florence.

At the beginning we talk about Pansophia, a complex approach to the complexity of knowledge; a totaling approach that has its roots in an ancient concept, according to which, man and woman are not a product of some personal divinity, but a microcosm and therefore a container of the cosmic totality, or a reflection of the divine.

This approach also fermented in the scientific revolution, an example of this ferment are the studies of Newton, kept hidden for many years. Interesting studies conducted by the scientist on alchemy, astrology and magic in general.

Cultured magic, or sacred magic, is a paradigm of approach to a complex vision of the universe in which man and woman find in themselves a reflection of the whole, they are related to the complexity of the whole, they acquire techniques for breaking down the elements, nature and oneself in this complexity. (Solve, divide) and then recomposes them in a different form (Coagula).

We can therefore say, in a very concise and simplistic manner, taking up the concept excellently expressed by the English magician Aleister Crowley, that magic is the art of exercising change through the will.

Generally speaking, it is an art that can be transmitted and acquired (even if a predisposition to it must be innate), obviously; that teaches to break down everything that is apparently unitary (a concept, a mineral, a nature, a mind, etc. etc.) break it down into its different elements, recognize its complexity, study and understand the relationships between these different complexities and reassemble it different way, making it evolve according to a principle that comes from a wisdom behind it.

Obviously the true and authentic magic, presupposes a gnosis behind because the magic is an exercise of wisdom.

The magician, the real one, recognizes as models mythical characters like Hermes Trismegistus; or historical figures like Pythagoras and Giordano Bruno, just to give some examples.

In conclusion, I advise you to study and always ask many questions; apply and only then you will really understand what the metamorphic art (or magic) and reiterate for the umpteenth time, you do not need groups to do it, you can (indeed, for me, in the left way you should) go absolutely alone , perhaps followed by some excellent guide or serious teacher so as not to end up disintegrating from the left side, but not for this end up in squalid groups where you will surely throw away your esoteric vocation for the inner search.

Article by : Andrea “Darkthrone85” Benedetti

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