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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Masaru Emoto has done research suggesting that the water in our bodies is directly effected by simple language. That the waters of the earth and in our bodies function much like the subconscious in our consciousness. The human genome project has followed our ancestry back in time through genetic markers that lead back to Africa. Combining the Morphic Field Theory of Rupert Sheldrake and the Dark Plasma Theory suggests that the plasma field around the earth records thoughts, words and actions.

I am sure by now it seems that I am rambling. But no, this article is about how a non indigenous species became a symbol of royalty. Historians and psychologists have theorized without any previous basis in science, that dragons are possibly an ancestral memory of dinosaurs. Which now makes more sense scientifically because of scientists like Emoto and Sheldrake.

Lions are a global and timeless symbol of royalty. So why are they symbols for the British Monarchy. It is fully ironic that we all share a common genetic ancestory with the ancient people of South Africa. Especially considering that many of our historical fallacies were created because it was widely accepted that civilizations outside of the British Empire were barbarians. For instance when British explorers discovered a castle like structure in Zimbabway they assumed it was the location of King Solomons mines because the local barbarians could not have possibly built the structure. The fact is that truth is stranger than fiction, the British Empire essentially reconquered our own motherland when they took parts of Africa. Which is why the Lion is a symbol of royalty worldwide and of the British Monarchy.

The water in our genes remembers, the water around us remembers, the plasma field remembers and these memories are communicated as archetypes through our subconscious.

Now in the new age movement it used to be popular for people to say that what they were learning about was more like remembering. Remember this, now is the time to test the boundaries of human potential and re-member what we really are. I am reminded of a simple pagan verse from the Charge of the Goddess: “look not above but within, for I have been with thee from the beginning and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.” Everything that you need to know is right here and right now and within every cell of your body and all around you in the very fabric of the world. Imagine if you will, for a moment: that the foundation of hermetic science is an accurate hypothesis. Then you indeed have no limit and all the knowledge of the world is waiting for you to comprehend it. You are a god like being able to bend the world with your imagination. Remember your Self but also remember that you are in the company of god’s.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article By  Firestorm Coraxo

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