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The Lion and the Chicken Wire

My dad worked in the zoo industry so when ever I got to see him I got to see cool animals. One of his friends in Missouri was starting a zoo so I got to see ocelots and all kinds of exotic animals. Mutual of Omaha and Doctari were my favorite television shows. When they corralled the wildabeast they always used a tarp labyrinth enclosure. I asked my dad why they did not run through the tarp and he said that the animals believed it was solid and that they never tested it. He said that seeing is believing. His friends starting the zoo in Missouri had a full size male lion. I always snuck away from the grown ups and I went to get a closer look. He was in a chicken wire enclosure. I learned a lot from the animals. That is why I say: “perception is nine tenths of the flaw.” That is also one of the reasons I insist on testing my own limits and thinking for myself. I never believe anything or anyone outright. How can I afford to rely on someone elses perception when things are often, not what they seem.

Take this past year for example. I tested the limits and nothing was what it seemed. As far as what was really going on: that is not yet confirmed. It is what it is; pure chaos. The psychonaughts and chaos surfers navigated and grew and learned. Initiated by the waters of the abyss, itself. Then there were the mundanes prancing around in costumes and selling wares; who tried to harness the turbulence. It was a very entertaining show. The world is changing and consciousness is shifting on a massive scale. If you allow someone else to tell you what to think about a person, or a group, or a path or anything at all, then you have given your power away. Think for yourself and test your limits, for your self. Now if you don’t want to bother with that or feel that it is too much work, then don’t complain when you have invested all your time and energy in someone elses dream.

The chicken wire is a metaphore for many aspects. For instance the barriers between life and death; rich and poor; waking and dreaming. Never accept that a barrier is impassable. Test it and test everything. Use your imagination as a tool and not just a recreational enjoyment. Forge your own reality with the fire of your own divine flame. Believe in your self and test your self.

The drama that broke out in the chaos served to literally show peoples true colors: some cowardly and some heroic and everyone else just spectators. It is not over yet; the world as in society, is in free fall. How we land is determined entirely by individuals who dare to be awake during the shift. Everyone else is dead weight.

What is really great about being awake during a shift is that I and whoever else awake has a unique opportunity to personally determine the shape of the future.  Remember, as above so below: like when land masses shift and times change, brittle things break before they turn. It is time to learn how to surf, navigate and adapt in the sea of chaos; so that we can shape the emerging order. If you dare, you are the key. Your limits that you now think are hard and fast may be chicken wire. Unleash your power, your lion and rise up and shape the world by your true will.

Aliester Crowley said that law is for the strong. In the book of the law he said to throw down the weak. That the poor in spirit cannot appear to be a king but that a king can appear as a pauper. He said to care not who you cast down and trample for you cannot hurt a king, you can only make him stronger. I say to be careful of the king that you cast down for when he rises again, there is no forgiveness. For this past year I witnessed a king who was cast down and trampled, who rises now. The chicken wire is thrown down and the Lion is out and about.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article By : Firestorm Coraxo

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