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The Lilith Paradox

This is not a nice politically correct article. Furthermore you might want to stop reading now and maybe Andrea ( Owner & Administrator) might want to think twice before publishing it. Here we go, I am a woman…

I do not normally think of myself as a gender assignment or sexual orientation. I am a person, but discrimination still exists in the strangest of places. Indeed this is the strangest of all, in the satanic community. You can be a Satanist all day long and do what you will and for the most part, people respect that. Unless you’re a woman and you think for yourself and do what you will, all day long. I understand that men breaking out of their societal yoke are unaware of the fact that they are still applying societal norms to the women that they interact with. They tend to see Lilith as whore that they can subject to their will.

They are oblivious to the fact that the Lilith archetype left Adam to do her will and the Rabbis named her a whore. Her sexual exploits were by her own volition. She ran off and had sex with gods and bore divine children who were also vilified by the Rabbis. The gods of other cultures were called demons and evil spirits. Lilith is the slave of no man. The Rabbinical definition of a whore is a woman outside of male control. It is common in patriarchal societies. That is why the scariest thing in Japanese horror is not the squaddies, but a the Shade of a Woman; the revenge of a Woman.

Men try to dominate and exploit the women that they encounter in the satanic community. They never expect that these women came to the path of the rebel, as rebels. When these women are in control of their own sexuality they are accused of not being satanic enough. People are still confused by the societal norms that they have been raised with. Any woman who dares to walk the path of a Satanist is not doing it to please others, but to please herself. So please respect that.  If a satanic male wants women with a slave mentality, there are plenty out there to have; but do not expect that from a Satanic Female.

Let me use an example…  men seem to think that Satanic Women are filthy whores who will fuck anything. This is no more true than for men. If you have no personal standards as to who you fuck, that is your right. Me, I do have personal standards as to who I have sex with. If you say I am not satanic enough then I must say, that neither is the Devil himself.

Have a knife day…

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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