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The Left Handed Reaper

I’ve been researching a certain type of Magick the most lately and I would call it Reaper Magick or Death Magick if you will. There’s been one book in particular that has inspired me to do so. This is the infamous Liber Falxifer. I bought a copy of it’s second edition (published in 2010) for a friend of mine. Soon, I started to realise I wanted to know it’s dark secrets as well.
My journey began with tattooing the Reaper of the front-cover on my arm, my right mind you, as for me personally all my death magick tattoos go on my right arm and not my left. A mirrored reflection of my rational side. The blood I lost during the tattooing was a sacrifice I gladly made for the Mighty Skeleton Lord. The book has two parts, the first considering the Argentinean Cult of SLM, Se√Īor La Muerte or San La Muerte, the second about the Qayinitic Tradition. It’s a lot to take in at once, so it takes weeks, or certainly months to let it all sink in.
My main interest in Death or Reaper Magick is the sense of calmth it brings and the knowledge of things unseen, and often untouched. But not any more is the veil of the Afterlife thick once you hear the voice of Qayin speak. He guides you and gives you strength, protection against all your enemies. What a follower of this Death Entity does is bring homage to him by several rituals. I will not reveal too many details here as it really makes more sense to read the whole book itself. But what the Lord of the Shadow of Death likes is an offering of brandy, incense (of for example sandlewood) and a good cigar. This to bestow more power and focus in the ritual and the magickian. Also certain fetishes (consecrated items which have magickal properties) need this weekly.
But apart from this grande grimoire of Death Magick I also happen to live in Mexico City.
Where the cult of Santa or Santisima Muerte is rather big, she comes in many shapes and colors and is also known as the Lady of Luck, Love & Fortune. Her black version would be the closest thing to SLM or San La Muerte.
Having always believed in an Afterlife and with various experiences of speaking to the dead I feel right at home here. We have celebrated of course Dia de los Muertos twice now (as I have been here for over more than a year now) and everyone celebrates! With tiny sugar skulls and candies, with huge Catrina statues (she is a skeleton character from a 1913 zinc etching, made popular again after the 1920’s through huge amounts of printing) and many costumed citizens.

Article by Fleury Rose

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