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The Left Handed Reaper Continues His Journey

I am spending some time now in The Netherlands, the country of my birthplace. My father welcomed me in his house and my rituals are now taking place directly here. The Death Sanctuary I am building is right at it’s place here, as my room is coloured in mostly Black, White, Red and Green. These 4 colours are mentioned now also in the beautifully big new book I recently received, namely Liber Falxifer II; The Book of Anamlaqayin. I’ve got the first edition from 2011, published again by Ixaxaar Occult Literature which was published in an edition of 1200 copies. :) I have number 119! :D I feel truly blessed by this new dome of LF II.
This book differs a lot from the first one, as it’s much bigger, talks of many more subjects and let me show you for a bit, what they are.
Part one: Qayinite Gnosis and Coming Forth of the Holy Mother, Part two: The Branches of Sin, the Black In Green and Their Sorceries, Part three: The Zenith and the Nadir of the Black Cross and the Secrets of Gulgaltha.

In Part one, you meet the Rose Adorned Bride of Qayin, The Holy Mother. Her rituals unfold slowly yet rapidly in many green and red ways! I keep feeling a close connection to the mexican Saint of Death herself, to Santa Muerte. She works her mystical ways as well.
I have devoted my new altar setting entirely to the Silver Santa Muerte, the beautiful, benenvolent Lady of Luck and Understanding. She grants wishes galore!

In Part two, you will find yourself wrapped in Plant Magick, the thorny leaves of Nod. The young green petals, all kinds of flowers and essences that can bewitch and help you in your rituals. Very important part of LF II!

In Part three, you learn the deeper essence of Qayin and what exactly took place in the Olden Days. We are all part of this history. The now is as Reaper-worthy as is the past, what we learn is how to use the Scythe properly.

We reap, what we sow!
So enjoy the fruits, the harvest!

Salve Qayin Mortifer and his Rose Adorned Bride!

Fleury Rose

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