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The Left Hand Path and the difference with the Right Hand Path

The Left hand path is based on a philosophy that defines two main spiritual paths. One of them is the right hand path, this has influenced most religions and mass movements . This method is the magic of white light, and its purpose is the annihilation of the individual and become one with God. The other path is left hand. This method work primary with dark magic and antinomianism (going against the current ). One of the recurrent “goals” following the Left Hand Path is to become a God.

The Left Hand Path (LHP) and magick in general, are ways of salvation that everyone can follow; most of the persons are more secure and comfortable following organized religions and right-hand path cults. LHP is a difficult path that requires that the follower is prepared to be disciplined, patient, responsible and brave. Is strongly discouraged for people who are psychologically unstable to follow this path. As I said previously, one of the goals, if not THE GOAL, would be to become  gods. We are not gods, but we can become. We believe that the divine have us as a potential student that we can only develop through a difficult initiation workout.

Man can go through two births. In relation to first birth, we become individuals in relation to the mother – we are born physically. The Right Hand Path current preach a return to the state of the individual child who give up freedom, will and responsibility for the safety benefit. But man could pass through another birth. In this connection, we become individuals in relation to existence. We leave behind a life predetermined external conditions and we acquire free will. Instead of being creations we become creators. Over the centuries, the initiation rituals among shamans, witches and occult societies have been a way to present and choose to re-born again.

Left Hand Path is the name used to describe a system of esoteric knowledge and practical techniques – this system is known also as “Black Arts”.

The fundamental difference between the 2 paths (LHP & RHP) is this : the RHP is collective and restrictive – some things are banned or denigrated. RHP take some individual responsibility through a formal dogma , a code of ethics and conduct and through an organized group.
The individual’s identity is “relieved” to a certain extent the systems that individual conscience must accept and accepting a superior “authorities”, whether a person, a group or an “ideology”.

Instead, LHP is non-structured. In the authentic way of the LHP there is nothing that is not allowed , nothing that is forbidden or restricted. Therefore, LHP means that the individual takes full responsibility for his actions. This makes the LHP to be both difficult and dangerous – its methods can be used as an excuse / cover for anti-social behavior, etc. That is why LHP is by its nature, fierce. There is no “safety net” of any kind in LHP – there is no dogma or Ideologically which to rely , there is no person to help you and to alleviate your shots, no organization , individual or ‘ entity ‘ to turn to when things take an unexpected turn. LHP promotes success and excellence itself – or destroy, either literally or by disillusionment and crazy times .

Essentially, the LHP follower is a free spirit, has a strong character and very indipendent; while the RHP follower is enslaved by the ideas of others and their way to solve problems. (for example they pray God even for solve things).

For make it short we could say : RHP is easy; LHP is difficult. RHP is a nice game that can be played , left aside for a while and then start again . LHP is an effort that lasts for years.

The RHP prescribe norms of behavior and limits personal liability. The LHP means the assumption of responsibility and personal effor; the RHP requires the individual to conform to a certain way.  The LHP  is non – restrictive.

Article By Darkthrone85

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