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The Juggler

Any magickal student of any tradition deals with the same problem: the modern world is complicated and fast paced; everyone is juggling too many priorities. A sorcerer has to streamline his life so that he can have his cake and eat it too. After all, that is what cake is for. We have obligations to family, friends and career. We juggle laundry, shopping, working and relationships all the time and everyone wants our time, now. Now, now and now. Then we have to fit in physical fitness and spiritual fitness.

The most difficult thing you will have to do is not evocation; it is juggling all of this without losing balance. Now of course you may have become a sorcerer to transform your life to match your desires. Even so, your desires may be manifold and you will still have to juggle though you can reach a point where it seems effortless but only after a certain amount of struggle.

Desire is key to deciding what we value. Even if you value your spiritual development above all else, you need to balance that desire with practical concerns of resources and relationships. Simply do not neglect any part of your life. Be present in each interaction and you will not lose your way. Handle conflict concisely and decisively. You must be willing to make decisions to become a sorcerer. If you cannot decide what you want, another, less difficult path may be for you.

Essentially, you have both spiritual and mundane relationships and resources. All of these need to be juggled properly for mental and emotional balance to be achieved. Mental and emotional agitation may be utilized in a ritual setting, but not in general in a haphazard way. Having healthy relationships on any level requires knowledge of why you chose those relationships. Relationships on the physical level are more tricky for the sorcerer because we care very deeply and vital energy can be drained away from resources if we are not careful. Having resources on any level requires proper energetic investments, expenditures and returns.

So as priorities go, anything or anyone that drains vital energy is minimized as much as possible. Furthermore we need to work on striving for excellence in each area of our lives. This causes opportunities to open up for us. We are sorcerers and we can do anything. Just keep it simple and juggle the priorities that support the attainment of your desires and drop everything that gets in the way of those desires. Yes, in practice, life is messy and complicated. Also in practice sorcerers tend to enjoy life and have a great passion for it.

Now, the great thing about becoming a sorcerer is that as you work at it, you develop open-handed techniques and are literally able to practice magick anywhere and anytime.  Like other aspects of your life, like fitness or your career, it is something that you fit into your lifestyle. This is where the blending of Eastern and Western thinking comes in handy. Here in the west, we take classes and test and forget the material; in eastern thought they integrate what they learn into their lifestyle. Merging western result-driven techniques with the integral drive of eastern cultures is a very beneficial technique in streamlining the juggling act so that it becomes almost effortless.

In the wisdom of the Tarot Tradition, the Juggler was the prototype of two Tarot cards: The Fool and The Magician. If you juggle too much or do not properly prioritize then you become the fool; if you juggle your valued priorities properly then you become the magician.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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