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The Great Work

It is the process of Individual Initiation and self transformation. The process is a personal Alchemy that occurs through subjective and varied experience. Many people misunderstand the idea of Initiation and think it can be given or received. Only through experience does this occur and when it does, it is the beginning of a new phase of development and not an accolade to rest upon. The great work is never done.

The greatest pitfall initiates face, is their own strengths. We have a tendency to rely upon our strengths to the point of not having to deal with our weaknesses. This creates a lopsided initiate.  Everything is choice and every lesson is valuable in so far as we learn from it. Sometimes our strength can be our greatest obstacle to our own initiation.

Seek out your weakness and deal with it, so you can find balance in your initiation. The Adversarial path is a valuable tool in this area. The applied adversarial method clarifies for the individual, where he/she needs work. Furthermore, not all initiation involves ceremonies, especially in uncovering and overcoming weaknesses. Conversely your weakness can reveal strength that you did not know you had. Ultimately initiation leads to self knowledge.

If you cannot admit any weakness or flaw, that may be your first clue. You are the “Great Work,”and it takes courage and persistence to dare to seek self excellence, every day. This is not the path of least resistance. To rise up and seek your true will, is antinomian; or everyone would already be there. So let us continue the great work, awaken and become.

I write this from my own subjective experience; I posses epic strengths that hid even from me, my own personal weaknesses. Step out of your comfort zone and discover yourself.

Until next time…¬† Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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