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The Fifth Element

David Anderson of Nasa told the Author Peter Moon that Consciousness is the elusive Unified Feild Theory: uniting Newtonian ideas, Relativity and Quantum Physics. According to Shamballa your Consciousness is a spatial field of power. According to the Indian Tattva system the fifth elemental gateway is the black Akashic Egg.  Akasha is mistranslated from the Sanskrit as infinite space.  It is more accurately the potential of your consciousness, but in stasis. The egg with the serpent is an Alchemy symbol for invigorating the consciousness. According to Michael W. Ford.. in the ancient tongue of Persia. FHM means both charcoal and consciousness. According to dark plasma theory: our bodies have a dark plasma body.

Fifteen years ago, through studying traditional Tantra, I first experienced invigorated consciousness/the Black Flame and I first awakened my Daemon. Traditional Tantra creates a Bio-feedback loop through the use of a Yidam. Tibetan Tantra recommends using a Yidam instead of a partner. The Yidam can be any Deific Mask you choose depending on your needs. Choosing one that has qualities that you want to develop, en-flames consciousness in a direction that you want to go and unites the Nephesh and her Neshema through the rauch, forging the Yechidah. In lay-man terms: uniting the animal and intellectual powers, through the breath/spirit/mind, forging the soul.  The affect is a stunning experience that creates more energy and augments insight. One of the affects that I experienced was a visual affect. I was able to be awake for days and felt awesome. I saw energetic patterns that looked like black fire; my consciousness was enflamed.

What is consciousness: is it the fifth element, are you the key and the gateway? My experience is subjective but research seems to support it. Researchers like Rupert Sheldrake, Carlos Casteneda and the ones mentioned above. I see a pattern and that pattern points to invigorated consciousness being perceived as a black flame and that it is the elusive Fifth Element of Alchemy.

Alchemy mean: pertaining to Khem.  Khem was also known as The Black Land. It is well known that Alchemy was highly symbolic and pertained to inner alchemy. In this context the black land is your subconscious. Our primal origins are in the dark. Sunflowers face follows the sun to protect the area directly behind it, where active growth is occurring.

If consciousness were the unified field theory, then inner Alchemy indeed, transforms the world.  These are ideas, not beliefs, ideas to be tested and experienced. So instead of superstition, you have the science of applied Alchemy/ Magick..

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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