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The Essential Strategy

Every day all over the world, people wake up and accomplish whatever they think that they need to do, to survive, in this world. Those goals are met on a daily basis.

People do what works for them. Most people rue the fact that they do not have the time or resources, to do what they love. This is not uncommon and instead of rebelling by doing what they love, they select from a menu in the social programming, a conformed way to rebel. The reason I write articles about food for thought, thought form technology and thinking for your self, is because the problem that I am describing is accepted as the status quo. Furthermore this definitely affects anyone who is even thinking about studying the Occult or Magick. That is to say the status quo consistently presents an interference pattern for anyone trying to break out of it, because it is a thoughtform too. From a purely scientific perspective of behavioral psychology: society will present an interference pattern in opposition to anyone trying to break out of normal thought and behavioral parameters. According to Apollonus of Tyana, it operates like thermal dynamics, in that they are unconsciously trying to bring your energy back to normal temperature.

Whether you are an atheist, theist, animist or agnostic: the affect of thinking and acting outside of the box causes an interference pattern to manifest. I call it an interference pattern because each one is a unique pattern that when recognized can be utilized for the benefit of the individual seeking outside the box. The key here is to realize that you are already effectively accomplishing whatever you “think” that you have to do, to survive. Having enough time, energy and resources is not the problem that is holding anyone back. You are already capable of manifesting what you think you have to do. Society says that philosophy and spirituality are secondary to survival.  Indeed this appears to be true but when your thoughts are scattered and you are not centered, then you are less able to effectively meet your most basic needs. When you neatly compartmentalize yourself then you dismember yourself.

Details of what kind of resistance that you experience when you attempt to schedule daily meditations, study and rites: communicate what areas that you need to work on, to clear your canvas, so that you can paint/create what you want. It lets you know what needs to be done. This is why we all experience different kinds of resistance.

The essential strategy for dealing with the issue of doing what you love, is first and most importantly: to persist. Second it is to recognize that you already manifest what you think you need, by what you think that you have to do. You already do what works for you. Third is to recognize that whatever difficulty that you face in implementing your meditation, study and practice of your path: is clear and direct information that can be put to work to help you accomplish your goals.

The greatest danger is misunderstanding this experience, which leads to paranoia. Observation and arrangement of facts is subject to the imagination of the individual. I recommend trying to be objective and avoid paranoia like the plague. It is an utter waste of time and energy. Sure there are assholes in the world but it is not a conspiracy. There are occult and scientific observations of the affect I have described herein. It may look like something is out to get you, but it is not.  Societal norms have always been enforced by the members of the tribe. Even in a wolf pack, wolves will kill a member of the pack who behaves differently.

Those who dare to seek to see and understand the universe through their own perceptions will always be the minority. We are the outriders and the psycho-naughts who dare to explore our own potential. To study and practice the occult breaks societal norms and you already deal with society in an effective way on a daily basis. Remember yourself and apply yourself to your path the way you already apply yourself to what you think you need to do.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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