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The Dreaming Double

Imagine that anything is possible, if you just had the tools. What if I told you, that you were the tool…  lol in a very self empowering way. Welcome to the abyss, where anything is possible as long as you are willing to invest time and energy into it.

The first time that I read The Art of Dreaming, it raised a question. What if the whole point of existence was to develop this double, as an everlasting vehicle of consciousness? I mean the Golden Dawn is all about developing this Body of Light which is continually reinforced through the practice of assumption of god forms. The Budge version of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, continually goes on about reinforcing the Double, through amulets, talismans and incantations.  Furthermore the Egyptians fortified the survival of their ego after death, by preserving images of them-selves. The point of all the Egyptian Funerary Texts were to eventually lead to the ability of the deceased to come and go as they please, in the land of the living. Hence the correct translation is not the Book of the Dead but of Coming Forth By Day. The Tibetan Diamond Sutra forges the Diamond Body, the Dzog Chen escaped the Chinese Army, in their Rainbow Bodies, leaving behind nothing but their clothes, hair and fingernails. The Merkabah is the everlasting vehicles of Perceptive Awareness.

This all seems so cerebral, except in the hands of a magickal operator. Carlos used to be a part of a Sorcerers group in the Second Attention. When he met some of those people in his Mundane Attention, the barriers in his consciousness started to break down. Some magickal groups currently weed out students via astral attendance at an appointed astral time and place. This is very interesting especially in light of the research presented in Our Invisible Bodies, by Jay Alfred.  Don Webb said we are born machinery with the possibility of becoming gods. The scary part, the true abyss, is that leaves us in a situation where anything is possible, if we are just willing to apply our potential to the task. This theorem that I am postulating explains perfectly why in the Nag Hamadi Library: book of Thomas, that all men do not have the potential for eternal life. In this book Jesus says outright that the living cannot die and that they who do not have the life in them, cannot live.

There is a fringe idea that our whole life is the seed or egg, of our becoming. This idea is a part of many belief systems from all over the world. In the hands of the control system this idea has been deprived of individual empowerment and become all about feeding the control system. In the hands of an individual who thinks for himself and is intelligent enough to explore it first hand, in this one act, is all of the power in the world. Because the power is not in an afterlife, it is in you now.  It is in you now and you can use it now. The Siddhis that the Gurus warn are mere distractions are powers of the double. If you have a mind and can understand what I am saying, you can apply this idea toward developing your inner power. You can develop your power from within.  You have all the tools you need. To do this, no one can help you. Because the power is you, the possibility to Become, lies in your willingness to step into the abyss of possibility and work through self discipline to develop the faculties of your double.

If every person is an entire universe and we interface these worlds through social interaction, then what is this liminal world we interface through? My favorite cosmic loophole is the idea that this is the abyss. Whether the cosmology begins with the Hostile Demiurge, the Big Bang Theory or the endless rotations of Samsara: it all takes place in the outer darkness and or the abyss. So, funny story, anytime anyone curses you to the Abyss, that would be here. Let’s face it, every first level left hand path student is probably leaping into the abyss right now. Just like in the Fool card, who knew Rider Waite was L.H. P.

There are hundreds of books on astral projection and forging the Body of Light, there is only one way; your way and you will find it through trial and error. You will find your way through experience. If you survive the mistakes and pitfalls: which are unavoidable, due to the rarity of a viable personal Guru/ teacher. Now there are few viable teachers on this subject but even with the best, it is you who forges this yourself. The Book of the Witch Moon mentions the infamous astral sabbath. Become a Living God offers a reliable course in Astral Projection. My theorem is that developing the auxiliary vehicle of awareness, is the beginning of forging the immortal vessel.

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Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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