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The dark Tarot – I

Path: from Malkuth to Yesod
Colours:raven black
State of mind:suicidal depression
Alchemical state:Nigredo
Magickal experience:inward chaos;materia confusa
Sugested demon:Amprodias(?)
Magickal theritory:void
Lovecraft mythos:Great Inane
Sigil: spiral illusion

If many would suggest that the Dark Fool is rather a distortion and an opposite of the Fool(0), I rather think that they are both in the same personality. And if the Fool(0) is in some way the external representation of a path, the foolishness of the beginnings, the Dark Fool is more of an inward starting point of a huge Universe filled with the unknown. I chosed not to show any picture and/or sigil even if most would suggest the Amprodias sigil/card but from my point of view the more one uses sigils the more he will find himself bond only to one side of the entity‚Äôs energy signature, that might be, in most of the cases just a small part of the entire entity. It is true that sigils are a good start for taping into one’s energy , especially for the debutantes of the Arts but I do believe that human psyche is far more complex and powerful to be tied up to an image, so I would advise them to bathe into their own inner chaos without any panic, especially if their path is true and not just a stage of their age.

The Dark Fool shows us that each of us is a fool not knowing anything about the outer or inner worlds and the more we wish and try to impose upon the material world, the more the unconscious will attack in any way possible. Nowadays, disorder and chaos gets the most media attention from simple desk mess to the chaotic wars in the Middle East- they all seem to attract some kind of attention and the wish to fix it properly but as reality and history shows, the more one wants to impose his own order on to someone else the more disorder arises simply because one’s Ego translates the others reality in his specific way and experience and moreover the Ego, in general, decodes the unconscious into symbols that are again translated in a way or another. Each one of us is a different piece of a huge puzzle and sometimes we are not even all in the same puzzle, so trying to get involved into someone else’s actuality is at least a hazard. A biased type of work with one’s inner realities¬† and so called chaos might lead to mental unbalance, in most of the cases depression and even suicide moods. Yet all that pain is the trigger for the experience of the destructive tunnel of alien consciousness, so well written by Lovecraft¬† and the more experienced the more understood and integrated into one’s Ego and personality. It is the first step of a dark and mentally dangerous path that can lead at anytime to both insanity and death. Some would activate this state with drugs and some other type of artificial triggers but to me it seems far more easier to tape into the material reality of some unknown place that is alien to the conscientious Ego and let the whole personality live at its maximum potential. We are so used to our day to day life,drawn into recurrent behavior as we do most of the things in an automatic way without even thinking. This is why, many sages say that Life is the best initiator, the more we live and experience living the more we can drawn ourselves into the chaotic tunnel of the other realities and be accepted there by their entities, because most of the Initiates are not welcomed and/or have the power to visit ”some” places. Again it is a painful path, mostly depressing and who ever experienced that feeling knows that bodily pain is far more pleasing than this type agony but as I said before it is just the perfect trigger for entering the Dark Fool Realm that is just the first step to another type of ”path”.

Article by Kirke

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