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The Dark Tarot – IV

Path: Malkuth-Netzach
Colors: brown/dirty green
State of mind: paranoid schizophrenia
Alchemical state: first state of albedo
Magickal experience: poisonous Earth
Suggested demon: Dagdagiel
Magickal territory:”garbage of other Universes”
Lovecraft myths: Shub-Niggurath (other aspect of it)
Sigil:  –
Suggested planet:Venus

We all think of our mother as being kind and generous,abundant and beautiful and the human history has so many images of the mother and child from Isis with baby Horus to Virgin Mary with baby Jesus as we are confident saying that is in human blood and spirit to think of a kind All Knowing Mother that protects Her children from all evil. In fact there is nothing far from the truth, the so called ”mother” is a poisonous trap for billions of souls and the human benignity that is so worshiped in all  the false books, is practically in-existent. Millions of innocent children died in WW2 Holocaust…where was their Mother?

Fig.1 Two young brothers seated for a family photo in the Kovno Ghetto (located at Lithuania). One month later (Feb 1944), they were deported to the Majdanek Camp. Source: United States Holocaust Museum

Let’s not forget the vain use of the atomic bomb against another innocent victims…their Mother was deaf and blind…

Fig.2 Nagasaki victims under shock- in the next days all died of the wounds

Human genius is prone to the invention of anti-human material…weapons,bombs,chemical gases…all in the name of…Vanity.

Fig.3 Slavutich, Ukraine: Flowers placed at the monument to Chernobyl victims, on the 27th anniversary of the disaster.

The chosen race has always considered to be protected against adversities.

Fig.4 Soldiers from Fort Riley, Kansas, ill with Spanish influenza at a hospital ward at Camp Funston.

Do you see the Holy Mother holding her dead child into her arms?Blind and deaf again…with a smile of in-existence on her lips….

Fig.5  Somalia Famine-Mother with her  dead child

This time Shub-Niggurath takes the ”form” of a poisonous clay where all flesh creatures live their miserable lifes. Again it doesn’t knows anything about this low Universe but rather IT’S body excretes our realms in a nightmarish type of illusion. We like to comfort ourselves about beauty and kindness though…

Article By Kirke

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