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The Dark Tarot – III

Path: Yesod-Hod
Colors:dark violet/gray
State of mind: psychotic symptom/hallucinations(usually schizophrenia)
Alchemical state: last stage of nigredo
Magickal experience: the vision of the earth illusion
Suggested demon : Gargophias
Magickal territory : beyond the universe and inside it
Lovecraft myth : Shub-Niggurath
Sigil:¬† –
Suggested planet:Moon

Madness, the ultimate frontier that made humans doubt their own powers, that closed book of a society trying to cure, isolate, renegade and eradicate and still there is…the only key to another Universe,the one that we will never touch…

Here we have another card with no sigils and no images, just feelings and mad visions with a Titan like form that is nor male nor female, nor here and nor there…but still we, the fools, the rotten race see it as a She of Imperial proportions, a Lilith of the Other Universe, even if It doesn’t has the human mortal ”complexity”¬† of the deities close to our realm, it is of a pure flesh with thousands and thousands of young emanating from her body then going back in in a life/death type of dance. It has no form, and yet It is there, not knowing you, not knowing that you are looking at her, blind of illusions, careless…For some it is the pure essence of Lilith but as I said above it cannot be, Lilith is far to close to our realm, part of it, complex and crafty while Shub-Niggurath is so far away from us, so bizarre and of a different ”material” so to speak as we cannot define IT as being an alien type of Lilith. It is true that we humans like to compare things, to find equivalences even in things that are strange in nature but in this case it is completely wrong. Lilith’s children and Shub-Niggurath’s young are not the same entities and as far as my visions showed…the Shub-Niggurath’s children are not ”real” children, not different from IT that arise and run away into their own path but are still part of their ”mother’s” body in an endless life/death dance. It is not an easy to deal with type of entity, being among the oldest deities in the Universes and in the same time one of the old Titan like entities-it doesn’t even comprehend (or even know)our realm, our nature and our flesh type of world so do not expect IT to ever come to you…

Article By Kirke

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