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The dark Tarot ‚Äď II

Path: Malkuth-Hod
Colours:yellow/black greenish stripes
State of mind:delusions as part of a psychotic disorder
Alchemical state: one of the middle stages of  nigredo
Magickal experience:illusion;the conscience of you and your will as being illusions
Sugested demon:Baratchial(?)
Magickal theritory:the magnificence of the Great Desert;where the Evil Sun creates illusions…
Lovecraft mythos: Nyarlethotep

There are very few out there that could comprehend and integrate into their psyche the ideas of ”kaos”,the one of ”illusion”… and still in the occult chronicles there are thousands of articles containing and explaining those exact words. We as humans are an imperfect and impotent race that cannot, under no circumstances achieve ”perfection”, well at least in our human,flesh, rotten form(and if many would claim that in our true astral shape we might be able to reach other stages, I have my own doubts and concerns regarding humans in general!).I doubt all the Messiahs, from all present and past religions, I doubt all the prophets and all the High Rank Adepts from the so called Magickal Orders. I do not believe that we, the rotten race can be able to perfect our place on the Ten Sephiroth and not to mention beyond the existing

Universe  where the Old Ones dwell. We, the rotten flesh are in a covenant with the
matter and all of her illusions of grandeur : money,fortune,children,fame,love, lust, revenge, bigotry and so many others of all the shapes and colors so nice covered in Titan like forms for our ”petite” Ego.

History repeated itself over and over again for us to learn, like a wheel of fortune, aeons after aeons and still we make the same mistakes, we are the same small and ignorant parasites on the path of the Universe. We claim we have built civilizations but they collapsed under the sands of time, we claim to be the chosen race, on the top of the Life’s pyramid, but still we pay our lifes in gold, we spoke over and over again about a better future for our children…where is that future,same as past?

I shall not talk about this path in images or sigils for it has not earthly images and strangely enough might be the only one that teaches us about ourselves. Nyarlethotep the Pharaoh is not one of the complex, close to the human realm, type of entities, that you could brag with-he likes you or not, simply enough and is not about you being a chosen race, or part of some fancy order or your money but simply…he likes you or not…and if he doesn’t…Even that small part of him that can translate into human language is potent enough for one million lifes on this planet and even so,you might not be able to integrate everything into you…

This card is not about the matter, the elements, the wizards…but the opposite, the antithesis of everything life has brought here and beyond, the psychotic episode of a mad dream that we, the humans cannot have…ever. One that is bond to the society has absolute not chance to even grasp on a minimum level what is it all about,one that lost touch with the society might have a chance but is too late for him, one that is dead…shall come back anyway. This is our fate…sad fate covered in gold.

Article by Kirke

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