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The Dark Tarot

Path: Geburah-Tiphareth
Colours: dusty red
State of mind:autism
Alchemical state:albedo
Magickal experience: the others…
Sugested demon: Tzuflifu(?)
Magickal theritory: Cthulhu’s abyss
Lovecraft mythos:Cthulhu
Sigil:  –
Suggested planet: Mars

So we’ve made it to the card that could be related to the Emperor in the Dark Tarot and this might be the last article I write on this subject, at least for now. I know that many of you enjoy my articles very much, especially on the Qlippoth and Dark TAROT but I just don’t like to adventure on a subject that I am not sure about or I have not yet the experience. It is a very tough theme that is mostly ignored by most of the Dark Arts practitioners so I would like more time with it before I give any information. Everything that I’ve been writing so far has been pure experience,every single word and every single article and this is why I will stop for now this project.

Again I won’t use sigils for this article either and not even strong images that could trigger strong emotions and with them visions of a specific realm, like in my last article, because the entity that I am going to talk about it is not only very hard to understand but also almost impossible to tap into. Those who practice vision magick could think that they have enough experience with IT though, forgetting that also some strong type of parasites could trick the Magickian into believing that he (or she) is working with the ”real deal” while they are putting their entire energy into something completely different. Most of the ”Magickians” will never accept the fact that they can also make mistakes, they are HUMAN and not some type of chosen blue race, they might not be as intelligent as they would think so or/and that their powers might be limited. The main problem with nowadays ”Magickians” is the EGO and the energy invested only into that…

Cthulhu, or the entity called by the humans Cthulhu,Ctulu, Kthulu etc is a heavy prehistoric, pre-human, pre-time type of deity that is impossible to follow from our limited realm but there are some very few humans that were called into ITS realm during sleep (and I am lucky to know such a Magickian). All my attempts to enter ITS realm have failed and so far I wasn’t called but I do know that no human words could describe what that ”realm” looks like and as far as I’ve been told it is filled with darkness, but not an evil darkness, just darkness…pure and simple. You must always remember, and I am repeating myself that we are not special, we are not powerful, we are not even intelligent creatures and that Christian type of mentality must stop now. We are not superior with anything to anyone and if we chose to avoid contact with every creature on this tiny planet, it doesn’t means we have the right to destroy it. When we will be able to see and feel the connections between all creatures both small and big then we might start to connect with the superior realms and who knows maybe beyond, because right now we are nothing but a barbaric race that hasn’t evolved with anything but rather…devolve( at least on the spiritual level).

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Article by Kirke

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