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The Case for Books

Most of us have a magickal library or are in the process of building one. Now, in the brave new cyber world an entire library of e-books can fit on a flash drive. As things change, some things are indeed lost in translation. Information is a powerful tool but how we access that information affects on what level we connect with that information.

The publishing industry has also gone through some tremendous changes. The way to market books has totally changed. Authors have to adapt to the market or their books just do not sell. Some authors simply have not adapted: the fact is that many authors who are excellent writers and who really have something to share are not able to sell books because they are authors, not network marketing experts.

I remember when I was first involved with the Coven of the Golden Ram, they owned a physical magickal library for students’ use. The rule was that we had to read the books there; I spent many nights there and read everything I could. The rule of the coven was all of our notes were to be hand written and we were not allowed to use spiral notebooks but only composition notebooks. I had no idea at the time how important this was.

When we set up a ceremony or prepare for a meditation we take into account sensory stimuli to set the right mood and atmosphere for the working. This helps us affect the necessary shift from the ordinary day to day consciousness to magickal consciousness. In many cases, we transport ourselves to other worlds by turning off the lights and reconnecting with our primal nature.

Now, I am not one for rules, but I am one for purpose. When it comes to magick, every element and thought is disciplined and directed—even in chaos magick. Liber Kaos and almost every book on chaos magick is based on psychological and scientific theories—testable and repeatable theories. Even the most frenzied rites are set up and executed in the most precise ways to raise a specific type of energy.

Manipulating the senses in any kind of magickal working is recognized as a viable psychological and scientific method. What about engaging the senses as a method of magickal study? The difference between reading an e-book and reading a book held in your hands is important if you are studying magick; not just the tacit involvement in holding a book, but also for your more subtle senses attuned to energy fields. In my personal experience it seems to me that it is more valuable to a student of magick to study from books in the hand than on a computer screen.

I would also like to point out that your sensory involvement in note-taking is also crucial.  The personal involvement in hand copying material is proven to help achieve a deeper understanding of what you are studying than simply pressing the print button on your computer. You are a multidimensional being, existing on multiple levels simultaneously, and the more levels you involve in your study, the deeper your initial immersion in the subject so that when you act on what you have learned, you will have a deeper understanding of what you are doing and how it works.

Ultimately, books and the ideas they convey are tools and triggers. What works for you should really be the only necessity. You are the only judge of that, and no matter how well I argue my case for printed books rather than e-books, you have to stick to your guns. Try my ideas and if you find them useful then they are good for you; if you instead find another way works for you, that is what you must follow. Whatever magickal or mystical path you follow, we are all students, if at different levels. I definitely recommend getting physical, tactile copies of your favorite magickal books and experimenting with compiling notes by hand.

And while we’re on the subject of books…
Now, I have always been very passionate about the uninhibited flow of information. Unfortunately, our society is media-driven, and therefore not concerned with quality but with marketing strategies and getting more for giving less. Marketing strategies are in the habit of targeting specific demographics, which amounts to the control of the information being offered to readers. Essentially, what is available is predetermined by past preferences. When it comes to authors, this is a shame, as many would-be greats are passed over by marketers, and many monumentally important works stay forever in the dark—and not in the good way. Keep an open mind when shopping for books and also support local book stores.

Think about what I have said and decide for yourself. Remember above all else to determine your own preferences relative to your current development and to hold fast to those so long as you feel they’re right for you. Never do what they tell you just because they tell you to: you are your own profound philosopher, your own absolute monarch, your own leader, your own teacher, your own god.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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