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The Brass Unicorn

I remember my first public Samhain rite in Fresno, California in 1987. It was in the Brass Unicorn; they had turned the art gallery into a labyrinth for the underworld journey.  There were approximately forty-five people in attendance. The presiding High Priestess was a tall statuesque woman; she was very enchanting, and I was never the same again after that night. After the rite there was some commotion and everyone was leaving out of the back. Apparently the year before the Brass Unicorn had been firebombed by protestors. I was shocked. The same group of fundamentalists Christians that had harassed them the year before were back and in front of the store protesting. I could not believe that such things went on in the Twentieth Century. Boy, was I naïve.
Later, after attending social networking pot lucks, I started my official training with a coven. Yes, that’s right, social networking used to have food and art and real people. It is an experience for all the senses. We all felt like we were part of a pagan community. It was a beautiful thing.

Then it happened.  Somewhere along the line, someone said something to offend someone else, and that someone else struck back a little too hard, and all the sudden people were taking sides against each other and attacking people who used to be their friends and practically kin. My first taste of infighting was then and there, among the Brass Unicorn covens. I thought that it was an anomaly and an affront to what we were trying to create, so I refused to be a party to infighting and successfully went on with my life. Peace is very important to me so that I can focus on my personal path. Ten years later, I attended a drumming circle and met the young pagans who had been teens during the infighting. They grew up and networked through the Brass Unicorn. They filled me in on what I had missed. It was a sad debacle. No winners; all losers. Everyone loses from infighting and drama. It is a huge waste of time and personal potential.

Also, once upon a time when people had to deal with each other face-to-face, a person had to have the rank and recognition of the community to start and lead a group. For instance, I personally knew the High Priestess who initiated to the Third Degree my High Priest and Priestess. That was the kind of setting that all happened in, and a lot less bullshit was possible back then. The problem being that this infighting back then was between actual practitioners who were good at it. People who got results. So the sad fact is the debacle did not end in hurt feelings.

Over half of all involved were dead by the ten-year mark. The ones who survived are battling health issues. The only ones untouched are those who did not involve themselves. The Brass Unicorn is still the premiere occult supply store in Fresno and the Muse Art gallery attached is still flourishing. A new generation of pagans goes there now.  The Brass Unicorn is rarely harassed anymore. Life goes on and people forget the names of the people whose egos got too big for their britches. People come to the Alternative Religions and Philosophies because they are on a quest of Self-discovery and will not allow themselves to be distracted from it for too long.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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