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The Best Way

The Art of War says that the best way to win, is not to have to fight. The best way is through cunning that uses the least amount of effort with the most potent desired affect. Dragon of Two Flames says that the strong rule the weak but the cunning rule the strong. Alexander the Great resolved the Gordian Knot one stroke of the sword. There are many ways but they are not found in catch phrases or standing on the shoulders of another achievements. In battle each of us stands alone and the best way is to pay attention.

Reason only works when we have all the facts and therein lies the error. We posses the faculty of reason but the facts are clouded by our subjective perception and interpretation. So what might seem a reasonable course to defeat an enemy, may have unstable results.

Indeed in the case of a sorcerer, getting him to defeat himself, seems the reasonable course.¬† Especially if you have him invoking the crushing of his own bones and self destruction for alleged “initiation.”¬† Nice…it would seem the best way except for one crucial fact, the initiate.

Self annihilation is essential in Christianity and abhorrent to most Luciferian and Left Hand Path Practitioners. Yet it seems that the way the Elite take out the trash, is to offer them a terrible secret and let them self annihilate. Which is also the price of getting caught up and not paying attention.

One of the things that always fascinated me about the stories of the old gods was that they could never die. Our earliest myths actually involve death initiations. The shaman or tribal priest underwent a mock death ritual and emerged empowered. This is the earliest origins of the term, born again. This ancient template of initiation was even adhered to by the stories of Jesus. Even in¬† Tiamat’s death, body becomes the earth and sky that men swear by. Kingu survives as the blood of kings.¬† Everything in existence is in flux, becoming something else. Even you and I are becoming; it is the deliberate navigation of that change that sets us apart. From our subjective perspective we do not have all the facts, but we have a burning desire to excel and exceed. Seek your True Will and your reason will not fail you.

The best way is to pay attention; inside and out. The worst way is to develop preconceived expectations based on past personality templates. In the arena of the adversary, what you don’t know, will kill you.

The best way to defeat an enemy, is to trick them into defeating their-self. The only problem is, that applied to a Sorcer; they are just as likely to become stronger, as they are to destroy themselves.

The best way for me is to pay attention and only act when absolutely necessary. I am serene and observant; until I am not. Back in the eighties when the Covens went to war, I was so frustrated because I wanted to work on my development. I felt it was a distraction. I decided if I did anything else but work on my initiation, then I was defeated and they won. So I did continue with my personal alchemy. Certainly their efforts added an odd divergence here and there, in my results, but always I forge ahead. You have to find the way that works best for you. You can study the art of war, but you have to find the best way for you. You are the very flesh of Tiamat and blood of Kings, naught can defeat you; but yourself.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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