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The Art of War: bill come due…

Once upon a time there existed noble tribal societies on the American Continent. They were powerful warriors and a select few were powerful Spiritual Warriors. And a bunch of cupcakes from four o’clock tea-land conquered them. How did that happen? Because the Powerful Warriors were divided into warring tribes and did not recognize the threat of the obviously weaker enemy. The Art of War makes a curious statement about the weak overcoming the strong. It is often misunderstood as a sexual metaphor. It is not, the fact remains that Powerful Warriors were taken down because they did not for=see the danger and did not organize against it.

In America we do not for-see the coming of a new dark age. Furthermore Pagans, Wiccans and Left Hand Path peoples have become for the Most Part: “warring tribes.” More now than ever thanks to the “marketplace” and the internet. One upon a time we used the internet as an opportunity to expand our communities and network for the purpose of sharing information and learning so that we could grow on our own path and ensure the free flow of information. Not anymore ladies and gentleman, not anymore. Now every wizard with a shingle is exclusively selling his goods and services and trolling the competition. Divide and conquer, done and done. In the name of the God Money, done and done. Any culture that only values money and not people is easily enslaved, and we at one time were the wake=up call. We fought on the frontlines of the war against consciousness and personal freedom. Now we submit for a dollar. Okay maybe a lot of dollars but “what the fuck.” Money was created to serve people, to make commerce easier and not to enslave people.

Anyone with valuable skills should be compensated fairly for the value of their work with value. Furthermore competition ensures higher quality of goods and services. So we do want a free and open market and we can do it without trolling. Competition without trolling just forces you to be legit, you are legit right. None of that mind control/ emotional manipulation bullshit, right.

Nevertheless the Magickal Peoples are such a tiny subculture even with expanded networking because it is not mainstream and never will be. We have always been the few and not the many. There are many in the marketplace who still aim to expand and develop our communities and the free flow of information. We should not be at each other’s throats. We could be a powerful political force guaranteeing our freedoms in America. Instead many of us and our “cliques” strut around pretending to be untouchable while we stand by and allow the world to slide back into the dark ages. That shit will touch you and your children and it will be a bad touch.

The ice flow of ignorance threatening to seize your freedom of thought and practice heading your way is spearheaded by people who don’t recognize the separation of church and state and have succeeded in getting creationism taught in science classes in America. Look at the size of the Xian/ Flat Earth Movement. In four years their subculture has grown larger that the Alternate Spiritual and atheistic/ theistic Satanic subculture. To most people the Flat Earther’s seem silly but so does Trump and he became president. The problem is that we still have the irrational expectation that we live in the modern rational world and thus the political and social arenas will never drag us back into the dark ages. We do not recognize the threat… just like the Indians did not recognize it.

I was somewhat embarrassed when one of my friends moved to America and was asking me where the local Satanic Temple was in her area. I had to explain to her that America is not functionally a free country. I really think the Chaos Magicians were overly optimistic in announcing that we are moving toward a more rational society that will become more and more non=religious. Whether you are theist or atheist, whether you are wiccan or a sorcerer: we need a free country to live in. Let us do something about that. Politics happens with or without you and if you want the freedom to walk your personal path you are going to need to at least not troll other people for their different choice than the one you chose.

The bill has come due. If you want your freedom then we have to become a political force to defend it.

Think for Yourself or Someone Else Will

Article by: Firestorm Coraxo

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