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The Alchemy of Experience

In our current era of instant expectations, buy a recipe spell book and viola, instant wizard. Oh and
how we all tire of the recent preachy mantra’s of many new alleged expert saying you cannot learn
from books, only experience. (a lot of charlatans don’t believe in reading) Well smarty pants, all
furtive movement toward any experience begins as an idea, is carried out generally within a frame
work of ideas and in the end, what you learn eventually becomes an idea. If you already had an idea of what you are trying to do, you would not be talking about it you would be doing it. That being said both factors are necessity to any magickal path: sharing of ideas (via books and blogs) and actually gaining experiences by daring to employ the methods found in those books or found in you that the ideas awaken. The quest is time consuming but strangely seems to create more energy for you instead of consuming it.

There are a lot of buzzwords that start out as good ideas and end up becoming meaningless through
misunderstandings of the original meaning and then finally over use. Words like clever and wise have lost their proper usage, not in grammar but in action. Clever used to be a good thing, a synonym for intelligent perception and action. Now it also encompasses the con artist and bull shit. Here is the problem, you can have access to useful ideas and clever your self right out of real results, by being clever and thinking that you are taking the short path. If you have already decided everyone else must just be clever too and that you are just as wise, then you have just tricked your self out of learning anything of value. The internet is a fabulous social experiment that gives any one enough rope to hang himself. So I have witnessed this played out. Newbies are suddenly experts selling the ideas of others and claiming experience. Which in fact they have no more experience than blogging and some drug experience mixed with weird half-assed rituals with varying degrees of success, The truth is that real results actually occur when any individual through trial and error, and hard work, discovers what works for them. Once you reach that point, results become consistent. Even at that point there is still work to be done. How far does this go? What is human potential? What is really possible? At the point where real results actually manifest, that is only the beginning.

It takes a lot of hard work, just to get to the beginning of what is possible. Whether you are learning
meditation to reduce stress or working baneful magick to slay a foe, it is alchemy. Alchemy is the
science of turning the dross of daily life into the gold of spiritual knowledge and or power. Everything changes and is in flux but any kind of deliberate effort to awaken your spirituality for whatever reason, causes a process to begin. This process is the evolution of your consciousness. Now to some new clever people anything to do with consciousness is fluffy gobbly gook. Aliester Crowley studied yoga and so did some of the best teachers of our time. One of the things the Guru’s talk about in yoga, is the siddhis which are powers that are a by product of seeking enlightenment. The student is warned to not be distracted by these powers and seek enlightenment. The western student is interested in developing the powers but not seeking enlightenment. Although the disciplines that seekers of enlightenment practice are the very actions that activate practical magickal powers.

There are many people who are drawn to me and ask me about how to develop their spirituality. What I found early on is that most people are not interested in doing anything to get there. Even the most simple of exercises is beyond most people. One of the drawbacks for them was to want the eventual outcome to manifest from the beginning exercise, at that time. If they did not see how the two were connected they could not do it. It was funny to me, because it is clear to me the connection between training your focused awareness to future self awareness and how it would aid in wielding any powers I may develop. If you do nothing then you get nothing. If you go through the motions of rituals and never train your mind and body then you will get various and inconsistent results. You will get some results but not anything that you really can control until you gain self awareness and self control mentally, emotionally and energetically. It is just common sense. It is the difference between throwing a bag of marbles at a nail and using a hammer.

One of the more advanced rituals I discovered to develop a faculty that I call, emotional perception, is the cube meditation. When I explained this exercise to one of my clever friends he thought up a short cut. I tried to explain to him the value of stretching the boundaries of human potential, oh he decided that I did not understand. He thought what I was proposing was impossible and indeed we have been told that. But the universe is self evident in reminding us, how little we really know about what is possible and what is going on even in our daily lives. So I strive to do the impossible. In doing so I have accomplished many impossible feats, including saving my life from lupus and saving my vision from actually being legally blind last year, to being sighted this year. That is because I push the envelope of consciousness. Which while this has made the impossible, possible; somehow still seems impractical to the new clever wizard.

The cube meditation is found in P.D. Ouspensky’s Tertium Organum. While it is an exhaustive tome
on the Nature of Consciousness and Perception, it is a must read. The cube meditation is simple and
really develops the ability to understand multiple streams of incoming perceptions/data. Just like what Carlos and don Juan talk about, in the Art of Dreaming. Possibly what was intended by the Golden Dawn multiple dot concentration exercise. All you do is prepare your self for meditation in the usual way and then add the visualization of a golden cube, then strive to perceive it from all six directions. The key to activate your Siddhi is in actually at a meditative level, breaking the ordinary barriers of the time/space continuum. If you cannot breakthrough there then you cannot breakthrough here. Just remember, visualization is just using your imagination, like you would in daydreaming. You can do it, if you do it. There is an alchemy of experience that occurs when you act on every level that you possess. It starts with an idea, an idea that you imagine you can do.

There are some good teachers out there and a lot of charlatans but the whole truth is that if you test
everything and sort things out for your self, then you will accomplish whatever you have set out to do. There are a lot of well researched books available by teachers who are also admittedly still students themselves. Ultimately it is what you do with those ideas that causes the Alchemy of Experience. Remember to strive to be both clever and wise in proper proportions so that you can experience those ideas to the fullest degree.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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