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The Alchemy of Ascension

Ascension, initiation, transformation and paxer neteri are all words that hold highly subjective meanings. The labels Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path, also have highly personal meanings for each individual. I remember when I was first learning to read the Tarot, I found the simplistic divinatory meanings to be unsatisfactory. The one word meaning was given as, “treachery.”  The explanation was that forms were illusory. I noticed a hidden geometric pattern symbolic of aspects of the psyche of the observer.

I will be referencing here the Traditional Moon Trump designs and not the modern artistic re-interpretations. I have found subjective value in the content of the Traditional designs because they seem to be transmitting specific ideas in graphic format. What we apprehend in the night sky as the moon, seems to always be changing. This is symbolic of the cyclical changes that we all experience on every level of experience. That is where general archetypal forces of nature represented symbolically, stop. The rest of the design is specific to human psychology and the process of ascension and personal development also referred to as initiation.

Let me just mention here the first and ever persistent road-block to any kind of personal development: the plateau. Surprisingly I have learned from experience that it is not the ego, that is the obstacle. There is always a temptation to reach a certain point in development and rest on your laurels. Which would be fine and not a danger to yourself and others; if you have worked really hard and done it well, then you have created a momentum of energy that cannot be stopped or blocked.  It is easy to stoop down and seem wise to those who lack experience. Easy in the short run, but the up-swell will break you on the rocks of your own design.

I brought up labels because words are essential for communication but the personal interpretation still varies. In the Moon Card there are two towers in the distance, one black and one white.  They do not have moral value but represent methodology. They are yin and yang, Boaz and Jachine; they are the Path of Flame and the Theosophical Atlantean Current; which also represents the Ida and Pingala of Kundalini Yoga. They are the inner and outer representation of the Ida and Pingala of the inner and outer Dragon. The dragon-serpent is an ancient symbol for both the personal Kundalini Awakening and the Anima Mundi, spirit of the world. The potential adept is represented at the bottom of the card in the form of a Crayfish, Crab or Scarab. This is the emergence of “I” consciousness from the subconscious; before him lies the path illuminated by the moon and framed by the two pillars. The path is also framed by a wolf and a dog, or two Anubis figures. These are two aspects of the Therionick archetype that exist in the personal psychological makeup.

Yes forms are illusory but words were developed to communicate specific ideas. For the proper psychological process of individuation the person must integrate the aspects through experience of the Archetypes representing each aspect. Carl Jung was also known as the Hexmiester of Sweden, because his methods were unorthodox and he studied the Occult. There are no aspects to integrate, if they are not named. The marked difference between Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path, is not moral, it is one hundred percent methodology. One method is to go with the flow and utilize existing currents both inner and outer; this is commonly known as R.H.P. This method is commonly associated with a non-resistance, make it up as you go and stay positive approach. The other method is a self-determined course that pushes forward through resistance and reaps the rewards of persistence. This is like obeying the laws of inertia and moving around as little as possible, or utilizing the same laws to work out and improve your health. The difference is clear, rolling with the punches or stopping the punches. Misunderstandings of terms arise from pre-programmed moralistic ideas of good and evil. Ethics and morality are a personal choice and according to L.H.P. ideas, should be self-determined and self-directed. Individual freedom and original thinking are commonly virtues of the L.H.P.

I have found for me that the Alchemy of Ascension is illustrated in the Traditional Tarot Trumps.  Let me just say here that in my experience Ascension is not a natural experience. Nature holds the possibility, but the individual must push through resistance for initiatory experience. There is natural resistance because what we think of as natural, is not what it seems. Initiation and development is a wave function of emergent sentience arising and refining consciousness through a full experience of returning to the darkness and emerging to bring order to chaos. So in my personal subjective experience applying the Left Hand Path methodology has led to amazing breakthroughs and experiences. What works for one person is not for everyone.  Each person must find what works for them. Either way you need the Ida and Pingala to balance your chakras and for the rise of the Kundalini. Like I said it is a wave function, there is a time to go with the flow and a time to push. Just like in surfing the wave of chaos.

Alchemy, Ascension, Initiation; all describe processes that bring willed change. Everything changes but determining the course of those changes is the path of the Adept. The mark of a true Adept is not consistency, quite the reverse actually. Unless he has reached a plateau and is now pontificating. Then indeed he does have wisdom gained from experience, so what he is sharing does have a certain value. Your own experience is more valuable than any guru who has reached even the furthest plateau’s. Personally the changes within will bring changes without and you will outgrow your current environment and even current friends. This is why the Black Adept must work alone. This is the source of the warning to be careful what you ask for. You seek initiation, then you are indeed asking for it. It is a rough road but with amazing results.

The moon also implies hidden forces because of the invisible affect that it has on water. The reflected light of the sun is not it’s true power. It’s true power is specific gravity affecting all life on earth. Just like us, our thoughts and ideas have an invisible effect on our water in our bodies.  This hidden effect on our water has been cataloged and published by Masura Emoto. See the thing about his Idea and the Ideas in The Secret, are presented as right hand path Ideas. They are actually incomplete ideas, lacking practical application in an effective way.  Application of L.H.P. analysis and methodology, leads to the discovery of the “other half of the equation.” The co-creator myth is missing one element: other co-creators. When you understand that the phenomenal experience is an interference pattern of multiple co-creators; then you have a functional model with practical applications. You cannot tackle the problem until you know what the variables are. You cannot effect the variable unless you change the equation.

So there are hidden forces at work between all of us all the time and like the moon, we are those hidden forces. Our outer manifestation is not our true power. The hidden geometry in the Tarot reveals the Lurianic pattern of Higher Self interacting with Therionick Nature and illustrating the process of forging the Yechidah and integrating the aspects through the Rauch. The Traditional Tarot Trumps illustrate the Alchemy of Ascension. The Methodology that you personally choose to apply, is up to you. The door is open…

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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