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The Aberrant

When modern psychology was in its infancy, Psychologists were known as Alienists.¬† Aberrations in thought or any deviation from ‚Äúnormal‚ÄĚ behavior was considered: Alien. Back then Alien did not mean from another planet, but outside spiritual influences were suspected in a superstitious environment that even plagued the emerging sciences. We still deal with the taint of religious superstition tainting the modern sciences.
I do not have a degree in psychology but I do have ample lay experience in these areas both on a mundane level and personal magickal experience. A member of my family who has A.D.H.D. has described for me the nature of the aberration. He has explained that he simultaneously directly perceives and processes multiple streams of information at once. He has taken this ability and developed it to a level that improved his academic and his daily functionality. What is even more amazing is that he has proven his theory by applying his ideas, to help tutor other kids to take their aberration and adapt to the public school system well enough to make straight A’s, without medication.

When he first described this too me, it reminded me of something I read in the Art of Dreaming, by Carlos Casteneda. It described the possibility that the Sorcerer could learn how to run multiple streams of awareness.
In effect, the Sorcerer could be cognizant, in both the dreaming double and the waking life; a feat that he could accomplish at a more advanced point in the evolution of his Consciousness. In ancient history, the aberrant of the tribe was considered more able to deal with both worlds and thus the shaman or witchdoctor. This also fits in with the archetype of the wounded healer or shaman. The aberration is perceived by mundane society as a imperfection or sickness.  Yet the aberrant is more often than not, more high functioning in both worlds. If the aberration is treated as a sickness and not an advancement in consciousness it is chemically blocked and the brain ceases to be able to access it’s full potential. Thanks to the drug culture we have been programmed to think that the drugs increase our functionality. Indeed this is true within the context of shamanic or mystical practice, but not in the context of the current drug culture in America.

Brain chemistry is what constructs the world we live in by processing our sensory data. Any alteration of that chemistry alters our subjective experience of the world we live in.  Unfortunately it also inhibits the fullest potential of the brain that we really barely use.
Strange Histories ( provides a context for understanding the evolution of consciousness and how the way we think, creates our experience of the world. The way our ancestors thought about life the universe and everything is markedly different than how we think now. The way we think, is what makes the world we live in and the world they lived in, a completely different experience. Not just technology but how we process and experience our most basic daily activities and inter-relations with others. Not only has our brain developed a more refined frontal lobe but the way we think has changed. It is about time, now that most of us do not have to worry about being eaten by a Saber Tooth Tiger, that the functionality of our consciousness should finally expand and evolve. For example running multiple data streams with A.D.H.D. allows you to bi and tri-ficate your attention and run multiple activities that require your attention. Such as texting, gaming and any number of technology based activities. You could actually and effectively pay attention to more than one thing at a time. In the Carlos Casteneda material this is an advanced ability the sorcerer strives to develop.

I am not saying that all aberrations are advancements. Many people do need medication to help them overcome chemical imbalances in their brain. I am saying that as time goes on and in every way, change is the only constant: it makes sense that consciousness is also changing. The greatest personal barrier that we all deal with is the ratio of the subjective differential equation of perception. The ratio varies, and the least amount between most people is where we find our agreements about what is reality. A greater ratio, between individuals causes the affect of one group being considered sane and the individual ratio that is a greater number, being considered insane: by Orthodox Institutions of Religion, Government and Science.

The scientific test of this ratio is the ability to interact with and affect phenomena known as real.  What I found in dealing with another family member who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, is that there were aspects of her mania that were fully interactive. Whether she possessed a degree of telepathy or whether her voices were spirits, they seemed to test positive as objective phenomena. One day I banished them. Later she showed up at my house, she was mad.  She asked me what I did and I told her. But there would have been no affect, if it was just brain chemistry. Did I cure her, no, the labyrinth of the mind is complex and she was deeply invested in the belief system of what the doctors told her was true. Either way it was a great learning experience for me and my research. My quest is and has always been to uncover the secrets of the universe. It is my passion, but the interesting thing is, that the only way to do that, is through Self-discovery.

I think in the Magickal community we have to keep an open mind, because humanity is not like it was. Human consciousness seems to be changing in such a way that it will improve functionality in both worlds. So we need to understand this when drawing conclusions about other Practitioners. Now more than ever, you really don’t know, if an aberration is an advancement, or a drawback: experimentation is the only way to know.  My point is, that when you consider fellow occult students for projects or workings, consider what I have written here.  Consider that by old standards, they may seem off, but they may be perfect for Magickal projects.  The Aberrant may be perfectly suited as a student of the Magickal and Mystical Arts.  Who better to push the envelope of what we think we know and discover what is truly possible?

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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