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In this past year Nathaniel Harris has brought forth the subject of ritual child abuse into the awareness of occult forums. More recently E.A. Koetting has spoken about his own experience as a child. “Darkness to Light,” is an educational platform to help people understand violent and sexual child abuse, so that people can better protect children. I am a survivor of violent and sexual child abuse. In a recent conversation with a close friend who has not survived such things, said that he thought for an individual to survive such things they would need to destroy everything and rebuild. Indeed his intentions were good but quite the opposite is true.

Sexual abuse of children is not the aberration; it is the norm in our society. One in 4 girls is sexually abused by age 18; one in six boys is also sexually abused by age 18. The prevalence in our society is staggering and only one percent is perpetrated by strangers. Which means it is friends and family who are having sex with our children. The average age of victims of child abuse is nine years old. Your best friend, your favorite aunt or uncle: these are the people who are perpetuating this crime and indeed the perpetrators feel entitled to abuse our children.

One of the ways society grooms these children to accept the abuse and is ensuring that they will be victims again: is that once it is reported, the children are encouraged to rebuild their lives as if it had never happened. But it did happen and is happening right now, because we pretend that kind of thing does not happen. Society pretending it does not happen, protects the pedophile and re-victimizes the child by not believing these things are possible.

Victims can only become survivors when they can face it, deal with it and continue to allow themselves to be aware how easy that it happens in society. As an individual, a survivor learns at a young age that they have to think for themselves and be vigilant. Survivors learn what people are really capable of and to recognize the signs that someone is grooming a child to be sexually abused. Survivors learn how to protect their own children.

What is most daunting as an adult survivor is the fact of dealing with people who think that you should just trust them with your child, just because they are your friend. This is quite an odd experience, to witness how integrated into our society, is the opportunity for adults to do whatever they want with your child. Opportunity is everything to a pedophile and so is the idea that you have to trust them. That somehow there is something wrong with you, if you do not allow them into your child’s life.

As a child growing up, I was exposed to different strata of society. In my experience I was safer with the ”hippies” than the normal people. I was violently raped and tortured on a farm for 18 months by nice, church going, blue collar, down to earth, folks. That has colored my perception of society, but it also empowered me as a survivor, to understand what is really out there and by out there, I mean: in other people. I know what they are capable of and I know what I am capable of too. I survived, I did not turn to drugs, I did not fall down and I integrated that knowledge into my personal understanding of human behaviors and the world. I was able to survivor and never be re-victimized because I did not erase it from my data base. Furthermore I am aware of the sacrifice and inconvenience necessary to protect children. If you do not want to sacrifice or be inconvenienced, then do not have children. They are wonderful and awesome but to raise them properly it is a lot of work for eighteen or more years. Furthermore as an adult in a society where nine year old children of both sexes are being raped all around you, it is likely that you will have to choose to ignore it or to report it.

This is the hardest part, as an adult I chose to witness to the court on behalf of two young boys.  I chose to protect them and chose to be blackballed from a particular society that was protecting the abuser. I am glad I did and always will choose to report it. The reason it is so prevalent in our society is that pedophiles are our friends and family. We have to make hard choices if we want to protect our own children and the children that we see every day. The spillover is that, a high percent of children who are sexually abused grow up to be drug addicts and criminals. Child sexual abuse is perpetrated by members of every strata of society and affects every strata of society. Before social change can occur, we need to be willing to become warriors and protect children, no matter the cost.

I am a survivor, a mom and a advocate of children, everywhere. I hope that this article and the links I have provided will educate you to better protect your own children and children in your community.

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Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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