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Straw Dogs

The Tao Teh Ching has a verse that says we are all straw dogs. It is a reference to the forces of nature being an equal opportunity destroyer. This is true and this year has been a year of natural disasters. When sixty million Americans are affected by one storm, this is illustrated more than ever. This article is not just about the storm as it is being amply reported but what magickal practicioners can do to help. With a storm of this magnitude both the living and the new dead need our help. The new dead need those of us who can, to assist them in their transition. The living need us to help them rebuild their lives.

I lived in New Orleans when Katrina hit and I learned a lot about my self and what can be done. People do not need to go to Fema camps, friends are the first wave of assistance.  We were fortunate enough to know people all over the country. So my friends got us out when we were stranded and helped us get set up after. Survivors will also be going through a grieving process and that is really where friends can help too. Many of us may dislike our jobs or our boss but no one thinks their place of employment and community will be suddenly ripped away in a disaster.

Many of the authors and L.H.P. friends and contacts that we have over the internet are personally affected and are going to be going through a lot. Many Americans liken New York City to the modern version of Rome. In spite of the fact that the gas and power lines were shut down for safety reasons, a power plant exploded anyway. Sixty million Americans and quite a few of our friends are going to need us to step up and do what we can to help them rebuild. We need to help however we can: magickally, personally and financially.

Timing for a disaster is always dreadful, there is no good time. In Witchcraft circles at this time of the year the veil between worlds is considered to be thin and the blessed dead often return to our homes and tables. Maybe this is the best time magickally for us to assist the dead in their crossing as their friends and loved ones who have already passed over, may be close by. So while this is a terrible disaster it may also be the easiest time of year to help the new dead in their transition.

There are many of us in the magickal community who are able to speak with and assist the dead. The new dead who may not have made it out will be distressed. They need our strength and compassion to guide them, whatever their affiliation. This is a time to put aside differences of philosophy and politics and assist both the living and the dead. This is an opportunity for growth and development for the survivors and those of us who can help. Nature is an equal opportunity destroyer, I am saying we need to put differences aside and be equal opportunity providers of assistance.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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