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Some of my thoughts on the Alchemy of Consciousness through Art, Music and Fiction

As sorcerers we know that alchemical affects are caused in the individual when archetypal energy is unleashed from the subconscious or the libido by deliberately finding ways around the censure in the psyche aka the Guardian on the Threshold. Once past the Guardian via sigil or incantation we directly induce the idea of our intended change. Effectively the Guardian is what keeps every random thought from rearranging the perceiver and the perceived. We are assembled like tumblers in a lock, for a reason. I don’t know the reason but I like to think it is essential to the nature of experiencing being human.

When we experience Visual art or even more extreme avantgarde art: the archetypes dance right past the Guardian. Art affects us directly unless we are reason bound and analyzing what the agenda of the artist is. This fact has been utilized by the media to sell commodities. As a graphic designer and occultist I see the way the media directly manipulates the subconscious of the masses through archetypal symbolism. Sure sex sells but we know that affects us, we choose that path. Peter Demianovich Ouspensky wrote extensively how art and architecture influences the world. How messages and whole philosophies are transmitted over the aeons through these. Some examples are the Cave paintings in Lascaux, France and the Pyramids in Egypt. Some other examples are the wood cuttings of the medieval alchemists, the Mona Lisa (which is a self portrait by Leonardo) and Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. Whether scullery maid or Cock of the Walk, these images reach into the depths of our souls. Art walks right past the Guardian and straight into the subconscious releasing forces in our life. Epiphanies, realizations and emotional inspiration, whole new lines of reasoning arise and become so obvious we feel like fools for not seeing it before. This is why art is so dangerous. This is why conservatives and fascist governments have to control it. Anything can be transmitted through art.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a rebel in his time as well. There are many innovative musicians and sounds that have shaped our world on many levels. Baroque was also known as water music and was considered to be healing. The medieval alchemists associate the notes with the metaphysical scales of the planets. The Qabalists also associate the notes with the Sephiroth. Mantra Yoga uses sound to adjust your subtle chi systems and energy bodies. Many musicians have deliberately sought to use this knowledge to change the world with their music. Some of the most interesting and strangest musical experiments with alchemical affects can be found on myspace by the earliest experiments of Pope Fraize and Michael W. Ford. The affect of music on consciousness is the most obvious.

Anthony Burgess never really liked his most popular work of fiction, Clockwork Orange, because he was trying to ask a question and he did not like the answer. The question he was asking was: is it ever right to use behavior modification techniques on a human being?  So in his imagination he created a socio economic situation to host a dreadful sort of character.  To illustrate a worse case scenario: where we might see it more humane to use behavior modification on some poor soul. Of course, the whole thing backfired because the public saw the reflection of their own dark side in Alex and fell immediately in love with him, putting to bed the question altogether. And to make the whole thing even more obscene, our world has surpassed Anthony Burgess’s socio economic worst case scenario and after generations of the shadow being caged manifestations that make Alex look like a boy scout, walk among us in the flesh.

Alchemy of Consciousness is a part of every day life. Every new idea changes us in some small way.  Whether it calls us to awaken or causes us to reinforce the locks and security measures upon the complexity of the compartmentalized labyrinth within us.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Thoughts by Firestorm Coraxo

Bibliography by way of links, in case you would enjoy, doing some research.

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