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Snooze Alarm

Sometimes the most direct way to say something seems obscure.

You may have noticed that things don’t work quite the way they used to. Now some people philosophize about this while others guess at it, even though the facts have been staring humanity in the face since the dawn of man. People like to ask other people why, but rarely seek to answer the question themselves. Even more rare is the daring psycho-naught who will learn how to apply his discovery.

What the Hermetic, Qabala and every system fail to tell you when they are training you in their secrets and binding you with oaths, is that they don’t know the blueprint of the universe. As a matter of fact they just drew it up by the seat of their merkaba, and you are helping them build it in the foundation of the world. Assiah is called the world of action, yetzirah is called the world of formation and of course Yesod, the Astral plane is called the foundation of the world. Which only describes a type of higher math and not anything about the religious codes developed around these ideas. Anyone who tries to unveil the operant process behind the Magick is perceived as either a fool or a dangerous heretic.

We know even the stars change and yet our desire for stability overrides our ability to understand even our own experience. So going against all evidence people have latched on to the idea that the spiritual substrate of reality must be unchanging. Even people who parrot Hermetic axioms such as “as above, so below,” overlook the obvious. Just like the plate tectonics of this earth are always shifting, so is the mechanics of the foundation of the world. Now naturally this is bound to happen in an almost seamless way. Unless someone with the ability finds a way to dramatically change it for their own ascent.

At some point in our history someone figured out thought affects the astral which in turn changes this world. He who controls the astral plane controls the world. Now those who experience the astral find it very impressionable so they make the mistake of thinking that it is entirely subjective. This is a mistake, imagine if only a hundred people make the same impression in the astral. Any image you can stabilize there in the astral substrate does manifest here. The Enochian Aethyr Tex is described like samsara, containing all the heavens and hells of every culture. It takes time for ideas to take root, but they do. Call it the Astral, the Akashic or consciousness, it operates the same way.

What happens when people who know how to travel, explore and learn how to apply this knowledge, imagine the what they could accomplish. Now imagine that over time those individuals who know how to tech the mechanics of the universe, have dramatically changed it through a concerted effort with specific ends. This is where we are at now.

I always say “think for yourself or someone else will think for you. I know you never thought I meant literally.” Now I know you want to use your safe word now, but it only ever partially applied. You want to say this is subjective. Every experience is objective but how you feel about it is subjective. Humans are very emotional and those emotions paint shades of subjectivity on the canvas of objective experiences. Emotions can only be objective when trained as a psychic tool to receive visions or to see, and then only if you can overcome attachment.

Recently through my own experience I have made a discovery. I have a message for you, that you not going to like. While you were sleeping, the rarest of sorcerers have dramatically shifted the foundation of our world. Over time they laid out the groundwork and planted the seeds for these shifts,working hard and ceaselessly. I know, you thought you had time. I know you will say it’s not fair. But where were you?

This is not the wake up call, it is the snooze alarm. Have a nice day.

I know this all sounds sinister but it’s not. Some people will experience these changes positively and others will have a more challenging experience. Some of my readers are active practitioners who have already benefited from this shift. Just remember, seek the answers for yourself and reap the rewards yourself.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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