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Serpentian Rose School

Would you like to go to a school of Witchcraft and Wizadry?

This is our dream and the brainchild of Fleury Rose to start an Occult School that is Creative and Diverse. A place where you can study: Demonology in your first class of the day, and Transcendental Meditation in your second. What ever you feel drawn to you should be able to study. We seek to provide that kind of school.

In 2015 you may be able to enroll. Our goal is to open a school in 2015. We have not decided where the physical location will be, but we are looking at a site in Mexico and one in Spain. What we are hoping to achieve is a new kind of school. We are not opening an occult order or starting a new current. We are opening a school with classes offered in everything magical, mystical, occult and practical methods of personal alchemy.

So far most of our Teachers who are on Board are variants of LHP such as Luciferians, Thelemites and The Covenant of Arzir. Classes already slated are Yoga, Qabala, Tantra, Witchcraft and Enochian. We are currently developing classes and syllabuses. We already have quite a staff.  We may also have some teachers and students in Virtual Classrooms because we are a part of a Global Network of Occultists that randomly formed to make our dream come true.

In the movie Field of Dreams they said ‚ÄúBuild it and they will come.‚Ä̬† We have only dreamed it and they have come. Maybe you will too. See you in 2015.

This is our beautiful Principal

This is our facebook group

This is the ning site

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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